Thursday, 27 March 2008

Pumpkin Seed Eaters Episode 4

So episode 4 is now available, download here. Usual shenanigans which, again, I'm not necessarily comfortable with or agree with, in particular their continuing smart-alecky take on our 2nd meeting, - our first meeting by the way was in a churchyard where they told me of their plans for the show - but there is the addition of a very important element, a lengthy editorial. It focuses mostly on the post-NSL era treatment of the ethnic clubs. I agree with much of it, disagree with other parts, worry about many of the generalisations and there's stuff that I would contest the accuracy of, but above all, it is mellow, measured and something which should definitely be heard. Now, will they make the transcript available? This way a proper round debate and analysis can be set up, and hopefully some good points will come out of it. I for one would appreciate the opportunity to give it the once over on here, without fear or prejudice to anyone's feelings.

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