Monday, 24 March 2008

South Melbourne kick season off tomorrow evening

Today's game will be dealt with tomorrow. For now, here's something that was going to be posted tomorrow but will now be done today because today's men's performance needs time to be written to give it proper justice.

The women's team kicks off proceedings tomorrow night against fellow promotee - and the team that pipped them at the post for first place last year - Gippsland Soccer League, at FFV HQ. I had my doubts about how the women would do this year, seeing as there is quite a gap between the top and bottom sides in the WVPL, but their performance in the Hellenic Cup final against reigning champion Heidelberg leaves room for optimism that survival is certainly within reach and perhaps an outside chance of reaching the finals.

Now, I know that the women's team is hardly the priority for much of the South Melbourne family, but anyway, if you find yourself with a free weekend, check out a game. The fixtures will hopefully be up soon on their site. They play four games at Lakeside in the early part of the season, with the remainder at Albert Park Field 13, an unenclosed pitch near the grand prix pits. Some of their game days clash with senior men's fixtures (particularly and peculiarly away games), but speaking for myself, I'm going to try and make an effort to see at least 4-5 games this year. Good luck ladies! And hopefully later in the year I (and my team I suppose) can repeat our trivia night victory of last year.

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