Friday, 18 July 2008

South heading to Olympic Park? Don't scoff, this could be true

Thursday's Neos Kosmos had an article talking about how South would be required to move out of Lakeside for a couple of seasons while it had its athletics track makeover. That it would have taken one or two seasons to do was a no brainer to be honest.

A vague starting date for the project has been reported for early 2009. So where will South play? Olympic Park appears to be the preference of the board, with Port Melbourne as the back up plan. Compensation has been demanded, nay expected, from the Government.

I'm unsure if all this hardball stuff is going to fool anyone, or what going for the bigger ground over the smaller one means in terms of where our headspace is, but if we can wrangle a good deal out of it, I'd rather be at Olympic Park rather Port Melbourne, even if it's only a 1,000 people there, and it's cold, and the football is crap. ,


  1. So, was Northcote the best option in the end?

    I would've thought so.

    Not that I know, I returned to the club the year they returned to Lakeside.

    Which, come to think of it, I wonder if that was a factor in me returning? I don't recall it, but sometimes these things are sub-conscious or whatever the term is.

    1. Yeah, Northcote was the best option - they had a grandstand, the ground was not too far from everyone, the people at the club were South people - even though the relationship took a hit because of it.


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