Monday, 21 July 2008

Could've gone either way, but the scores stay locked - South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 2

A draw. Not what we wanted, but what we got. To be honest, by the way we played I don't believe we deserved a win. Maybe we did, by 1 goal max, which would've had to have been scored in the closing minutes. An early penalty in the first half saw Fernando De Moraes slot one home to send us up 1-0, then early in the second half we saw Gianni De Nittis tap in a through ball which was smoothly sent in by new signing Petrovich.

We went into half time hoping for at least a sealer in the second half or just solid play to at least keep the lead. But it wasn't to be. Our skill just dropped in the second half, and the Knights just pushed to the limit and got their 2 equalisers that they needed. They got their first goal after Gianni De Nittis had a good chance on goal, but it hit the post and their keeper eventually got rid of it. With the ball heading down the other end, the Knights capitalized when James Timmons sent a nice shot in and made it 2-1 for the Knights. Not too long after, Andrew Barisic sent another one in for the Knights to level the scores at 2-2.

Nunes received a red card in the middle of the first half, which was for a bit of an incident with a Knights player where he retaliated to a Knights player. The referee was disgraceful as usual, letting at least 4 clear handballs go that I counted; 3 against the Knights where one saw the ball in the Knights player's hand and him turning around with the ball to change the direction, and 1 against us which was against Fernando, where a few of our players called it too. And he let some rash tackles go too, including a clear boot in the head to one of our players, mean tackle to one of our players but then Rama ran in with a nudge to send the Knights player packing onto the floor which was also let go.

I agree with what Michael Chatzitrifonos (Richmond Eagles coach) had to say about the referees in the FFV. All over the FFV, the referees are disgusting. The next few weeks will see us take on Fawkner away, Altona at home, Richmond away, Whittlesea at home and Frankston away. We should be able to beat Fawkner for sure, Altona we have a pretty good chance, Richmond could go either way, Whittlesea we should really win, and Frankston... Well we should also really win this but it could prove to be difficult

Until Altona...

Take careeee ;)

Fernando de Moraes scores the first goal from a penalty: (Thanks to Pavlaki for the proper vid)

Fernando de Moraes scores the first goal from a penalty: (Cliff's effort)

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  1. Pretty poor match report.
    was the 'kid' who wrote this even at the game ?


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