Thursday, 10 July 2008

New Vic Soccer Forum

There's been a lot of whingeing of late of how has gone down the toilet, with fewer and fewer people participating. I put it down not just to the changeover in servers/presentation/whatever, but more so due to the fact that no one has been able to register on the thing for years now, unless they know someone running the thing. Rather like another forum which is slowly dieing for similar reasons in my honest opinion.

So some nut job - possibly related to Tsigan Forever, but not for certain - has decided to start up a rival forum. I've signed up and I encourage everyone else to do so, in the popes at least of making other forums open up their registrations. Be warned however that there may be World Game forum people on there who seek to ruin the thing before it gets started.


  1. I agree about the bit slowly but surely fading.

    ps - ban greeksta

  2. The last person to join smfcboard was only able to do so because of a rather foruitous turn of events which happened on this blog, and later off it. Not an ideal situation. With this blog and smfcboard being central places for people to get South info, we should be as open as is reasonably possible to keep people attached, and keep a community feel up and running.

  3. I agree

    Open it

    Buffalo Cup :)

    Love your site


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