Friday, 11 July 2008

22 Year Drought Waiting To Be Broken - Round 20, Green Gilly vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met

Round 7, 2008, at Lakeside

South Melbourne 0 Green Gully 3

It what ended up being Johnny A's last game in charge, South succumbed rather meekly to hardened Gully outfit, helped nevertheless by favourable officiating.

Ok, so the 22 yeras thing... bit of a stretch seeing as how the two sides hadn't met at Gully Reserve between 1987 and 2004, but still, South has not scored a single goal in all four meetings at that venue, and lost three out out of those four games. And while South teeters between pedestrian and encouraging, Gully as usual holds a steady, if unremarkble line of sticking near the top of the table, second only to the unbeaten Knights, as well as having the tightest defence in the league. With seven games left, four against top six sides, and three against relegation threatened teams, South cannot rely only on the latter, and needs to start racking up the points sooner rather than later. A tidy performance midweek against Northcote was encouraging, but anything more than a point will be real bonus.

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