Saturday, 12 July 2008

A Tale Of Two Bids

A few weeks back I was having a bit of muck around with Eammon of Football In The Capital about how it somehow seemed that even South was ahead of Canberra when it came to bidding for the A-League. All in jest of course, because there has been nothing concrete - and I mean that in spite of all the well meaning and/or 'credentialed' people who claim otherwise - saying there will be a South bid. But it is interesting to note how far along, and how different, the two bids styles are. Now granted that they are two different markets. Canberra has difficulty retaining sporting teams, has no current A-League there, and none of that ethnic baggage that comes part and parcel with a Sydney or Melbourne scenario.

So those differences aside, let's compare in a really basic fashion. The current Canberra bid, which is slowly gaining momentum, has a petition, has a figurehead behind it, and it has set out its intentions out for everyone to see. The South bid on the other hand, released a pissy press release, has no one willing to day they're running the show, has no money, has no idea - publicly at least - of where it's heading, and creating disillusionment amongst both the dickhead latent and the still for some reason going to South populations. I'm sure you could write a whole thesis on this, but it's a Saturday, and it's something I thought people might be interested in having a think about.

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