Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nobody Screws Soccer Like Seven... again

If you've been wondering how much of the Olyroos you're going to see from Beijing this year, below is a decent enough article from Gweeds of Victory forum/Accidental Aussie blog. Of course I don't agree with all his conclusions - the vigilantes riding into town to save the poor townspeople shtick rears its head again - but an interesting read nonetheless, including references to a stupider, but much more fun time.

Nobody Screws Soccer Like Seven... again

King Crud off the Sydney FC forums put it more succintly

on c7 the first week will just show aussies swimming. When aussies aren't swimming they'll show replays of aussies swimming. When they're not showing replays of aussies swimming they'll interviews with Laurie Laurence being a cunt. In the second week they'll show athletics and gymnastics, interspersed with replays of aussies swimming.

According to the Victory/Sydney forums, there appear to be people ready to go protest outside the Sunrise studio windows, so if you're in Sydney, and you care about the Olyroos coverage, might be worth heading down there.

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