Friday, 25 July 2008

I'm walking into the ground this time - Round 22, Fawkner vs South Melbourne

Last time they met

Round 9, 2008 at Lakeside

South Melbourne 6 Fawkner 2

South more or less cruised to victory, even scoring twice from corners. Yianni Galanos looking like a John Butler clone didn't help the visitors cause.


Results keep falling South's way, except of course their own. No Shane Nunes this week, which'll probably mean the return of Robbie Wynne, who I prefer to be honest. Surely even on a crappy ground like Fawkner's we should be able to win this one. Apparently they've got a new coach, but does that even matter? Will Jose Vasquez rescue them? I doubt it. If we don't collect three points this week, we don't deserve to be in the finals.

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