Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Former Canberra Cosmos Player To Visit Mildura

As seen in the Mildura Independent and as relayed to everyone else by Mildura Vasili

Former Socceroo captain to visit Mildura

Football Federation Sunraysia has arranged for a former Socceroo Captain to visit Mildura on the weekend of August 2-3.

Paul Wade will be conducting coaching sessions for Sunraysia Junior players on August 3 at the Aero’s before their games kick off and will also be speaking at the Club Lounge (part of Quality Hotel Mildura Grand) on the evening of August 2 to which everyone is invited to attend.

Paul is arguably one of the highest profile sportsperson to visit the region in recent years and it is an amazing opportunity for not only Football fans to meet one of their idols, but for any fan of Australian sports stars.

"Wadey" as he is known around the world had a remarkable International career, including the Olympic Games, two world cup campaigns and one of the toughest tasks in world football to "mark Diego Maradona" in the two legged world cup play off with Argentina.

In a career with over 100 appearances for his country Paul Wade also won two National Soccer League championships and was voted NSL player of the year in 1988.

His career ended in 1996 where he had spent the last couple of seasons playing with Canberra.

Nothing to do with South of course, but we may get some photos anyway. We'll see what we can do.

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