Thursday, 3 July 2008

Hellas Watch

Now the term Hellas Watch can apply to two things. One is the collective name for the disparate South fans on the Victory forum, particularly when they all go crazy posting about South, usually when an opposition supporter has defamed the club. The other is for random sightings of South related people, like this text message to me yesterday morning by Michal.

Arthur Akritidis, is here at Carribean Gardens market. We talked about South, you should have heard the pride and passion in his voice.

If you have other random sightings of South people, send details of your escapades to South of the Border - where you'll never be punished for overuse of the phrase 'pride and passion'.

post script

I realised some eight hours after teeing this entry up that I had two Akritidis related entries in a row.


  1. It's ok Paul, many people in the past have often been captivated by the Multi-Talented Akritides, just don't let it become an Infatuation...:-)

  2. wow, that Michal fellow seems like a awesome younh chap


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