Friday, 13 August 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 22, 2010

A reminder. All matches kick off at 3pm this weekend. Call your mates around the grounds, or access the FFV’s facebook page via your mobile device in order to keep up to date with the scores and happenings. Better still for all my readers,

Bentleigh Greens vs Richmond
This will be Bentleigh's last match in the VPL for year 2010. They will be relegated after Richmond smashes them to smithereens. Bentleigh is just not up to VPL standard. They can take their money, their players, their coach, and go play in State 1. Richmond will secure top spot with this win. Bentleigh 0 – Richmond 3.

Dandenong Thunder vs Heidelberg Utd
Don’t ask me why, but my crystal balls tell me this game will end in a draw. Other than that, I’m not too interested in these two teams. They both bore me to death.
Dandenong Thunder 2 – Heidelberg 2.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Melbourne Knights
Green Gully are playing to stay in the five, and the Knights are playing for pride. Danny Tiatto retired from VPL football last weekend, and sets to put the boots on for Werribee in State 2 N/W this Friday night against Port Melbourne. Green Gully 1 – Melbourne Knights 3.

Northcote City vs Hume City
Northcote played on Wednesday, is playing on Sunday and Wednesday again. The decision at the tribunal to replay the Dandenong game will be on the back of their minds. Hume will be just too good and secure second spot going into the finals series. Northcote City 1 – Hume 3.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Altona Magic
As predicted by moi back in round 12, Oakleigh will this weekend choke up against the Magic and bow out of the 2010 finals series. People think this is an easy game for them. They thought the same against Sunshine. If Magic wins and results go their way, then they survive by the skin of their teeth. Oakleigh is shaky. They struggled against South last Friday night. This is Magic's best chance to survive the drop. Oakleigh Cannons 1 – Altona Magic 2.

Sunshine Georgies vs South Melbourne
George Cross needs to win, and so does South. George Cross to stay up, and South to have a bee's dick chance of making the foive. Regardless of all this, at the time of writing, South was due to present its case to the Supreme Court of Victoria regarding the six point penalty it received against Heidelberg. South beat Sunshine, get the six points back, and all of a sudden they can finish second or third. Sunshine Georgies 0 – South Melbourne 5.


  1. I'm a Knights fan and read this blog regularly, could very well be the best place for soccer news in Victoria.
    A real by the fans for the fans kind of place, albeit with a sway to Hellas which is natural.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Ante. Im sure the owner of the blog appreciates it. Whats ut opinion of the Kiss Of Death pieces ? Im a bit of a glory hunter myself.

  3. Lets see how many predictions you get right....

  4. Thanks for your comments Ante, they're much appreciated.

  5. I love the kiss of death pieces as this is the type of league in which you live on the sword's edge, from bad refereeing, even worse federation decisions and sometimes pitch invasions - you can never tip with confidence.
    Massive plus for tipping the Knights week in week out.
    Btw, hope you guys stick it up the federation this coming week - a long time coming which could prove to be the catalyst for positive change.

  6. k.o.d. is overrated...

    hit and miss really!

    the only k.o.d. round that was nearly funny is when you guys came back from Singapore, must have been the band at 4FH that inspired him.

    Anyways, keep up the great (sometimes) work.........

    "Mary" xxx

  7. Mary.
    it's not 4FH, it's 4FW.

  8. Mary,
    It's the algorithm


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