Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kiss of Death, Finals Week 2, 2010

Major Semi Final – Friday 27th August @ 7.30pm – Kevin Bartlett Reserve
Richmond vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Green Gully surprised me with their 1-3 win last week against Hume. They are coming good at the right time. They have a tougher challenge this Friday night however when they take on the ‘fresh week off’ Richmond. Richmond will be looking to take advantage of their week break by beating Gully and going straight into the final at AAMI Park, so their 10 or so fans can finally watch their team in more comfortable surroundings. On that note, if Gully was to beat Richmond then I’d love to see its fans try to get their coffee and biscuits into AAMI Park.
Final score of this breathtaking encounter Richmond 2 – Green Gully 2. Green Gully to qualify for the final 4-5 on penalties.

Minor Semi Final – Saturday 28th August @ 3.00pm – Epping Stadium
Hume City vs Heidelberg United
Who the hell schedules these games to kick off at the same time as State League matches? 3pm on a Saturday? Are you people in those fancy offices smoking that green stuff again? Which non-football background brainiac thought of 3pm at Epping? The lot of you should bloody well resign. Hume City is on the down low, while the Bergers are on a high. They beat Northcote 3-1 on the weekend, rumbled down in the jungle, and now they are off to Epping. Epping Stadium for those of you who have never ventured out there is classified as the coldest place in the cosmos. The crowd will be poor as both clubs struggle in that department, Hume will win and everybody will go home miserable from the cold. Hume City 3 – Heidelberg 2.

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