Monday, 16 August 2010

Kiss of Death, Special Edition - Dandenong vs Northcote

With the final five already somewhat decided, I will be previewing the most important game of the last two years for South Melbourne. South Melbourne you say? Yes, South Melbourne I say.

Dandenong Thunder vs Northcote City
After going AWOL at Somers St watching Hellas beat the Georgies to a pulp in driving rain and pretty shit weather, I have decided that I am a glutton for punishment and will drive out on Wednesday to the Bulleen Veneto Club with a few mates to go AWOL once again, but this time for a draw. I am a neutral virgin. I have never gone to a match where I have openly supported another team, or cared about any particular result working out for me. I am after all an Oracle, a seer of the future, I am “KODstradamus”!!! (cue lightning bolts).

Why is this game important? Pretty simple really. Hellas needs a draw to finish fifth. A win for either Dandenong or Northcote will result in Hellas finishing 6th. I am not going to talk about the court case because quite frankly, I’m an on the park person, and not a tribunal/court season decider person. For me, what happens on the park, stays on the park. Regardless of any court outcome we need a draw on Wednesday night. A few bright sparks are on various forums are saying stupid things, like the following:

“I expect our friends from Heidelberg to support us on Wednesday night against Norfcote, so we can make the finals instead of them or South, opa rok der !”

I say only one thing. The Bergers have no fans to support themselves so I don’t think they will be supporting any other teams. South fans will be out in force as per usual.
Finally, (picture me walking down from clouds on a white staircase in a white robe Demis Roussos style, virgins throwing rose petals at my feet) Dandenong Thunder 2 – Northcote City 2. This will be the cracker of all crackers. Expect cards and plenty of them. Expect a crowd, and plenty of neutrals. Expect the lights to stay on for the full 90 minutes. Invest wisely, the end is near.

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  1. I propose this as the official theme song of the VPL.


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