Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Half Time Heroes

Yeah, another link, another web bandwagon to get on board. Half Time Heroes is the brainchild of Eamonn Flanagan, of the Nearpost Blog, but it's been taken over by others along the way. Unlike a few other blog/zine/site Australian soccer projects, this one has managed to survive for more than three seconds, and more than that, is seemingly thriving, celebrating it's first anniversary this month. I've done a couple of book reviews for it (Making News and Mr Cleansheets), and hopefully I can contribute something different for it along the way - though with its obvious A-League bias (and really, what doesn't have an A-League focus these days?) I'm not sure what the hell I could come up with. Anyway, it's not a bad read for people with broader footballing tastes than my own, so check it out.

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