Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Zois jumps van 't Schip

News tonight is that Peters Zois has joined the Melbourne Heart ostensibly as their second choice keeper. Zois was already goalkeeping coach there, but why they felt they needed to sign up another veteran as opposed to an up and comer - and surely there's at one young keeper who could use the experience - is beyond me. Apparently there's a a special FFA provision that should we make the finals, we can keep him, but that won't extent to our Singapore Cup fixtures. I don't really get it to be honest. Tommi Tommich was taken up late in our season by Melbourne Victory two years ago, which necessitated us using Stefaan Sardelic for our last game against Frankston Pines, though there was nothing on the line except pride on that day. Last year we should have got rid of Tommi earlier then we did, but that's another story. Message is pretty clear though. You want to be an A-League back up keeper? Come to South. This could hurt Pete in my calculations for this blog's player of the year award though. I'm a small man in some ways; a small, petty man. Three months detention. No, wait - make it four months detention.

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