Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Directions hearing rundown

Awesome five minutes of action today. The lawyers on each side did their little legalese speaking act, papers and stuff to be done by a certain time (by us), trying to fit the whole thing into Justice Pagone's schedule. The FFV for their part, seemed to be trying to argue that if results of other matches went a certain way, the case wouldn't really be necessary - at least that's how I understood it. Justice Pagone eventually agreed with South's legal reps that, yep, we could finish this all tomorrow.

As for the less important stuff, I've added that court building to my list of court's attended. It's not much of a list to be honest - it was the first time I'd been to court since I got called up for jury duty about two or three years ago. Being the dill that I am, I forgot to take my watch off when going through the metal detector. That's about as exciting as it got.

The action should go up a notch on Thursday 12th August, as the actual trial gets underway. We're back in the Old High Court building once more, in Court 1, 450 Little Bourke Street, kickoff at 10am. Referee for this match is Justice Pagone.

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