Monday, 16 August 2010

South on the brink of finals - George Cross 0 Hellas 4

Despite putting up a bit of a fight in the first half, the Georgies capitulated miserably in the second half to find themselves out of the VPL. Fernando chipped in with two goals, Recchia with a lovely freekick and Rama rounded it out with a rare goal. We still looked very susceptible on our right hand side. But we got the job done, the Maltese went a bit awol in the first half watching their missed chances before being hit with the familiar feel of relegation.

But what you all want to know is, where are we and what do we have to do make the finals. Quite simply, a draw in the replayed Dandenong vs Northcote game on Wednesday sees us play Heidelberg in the elimination final... unless of course the off field shenanigans fall our way. Will it be worthwhile heading out to that side of the city to watch that game? Well, the next paragraph might have something to do with it.

Word on the street (or more accurately, the front of the Mark Viduka Stand where these conversations took place) is that Justice Pagone would be highly unlikely to give us our six points back, as that would be meddling in the FFV's internal affairs - more so that we would be given the chance to defend ourselves or appeal the latest charge or something like that. We could find out as early as tomorrow afternoon his decision, with the appeal heard at the FFV that very night.

It's all too much to think about.

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