Friday, 20 August 2010

Kiss of Death, Finals Week 1, 2010

The finals series is upon us. South Melbourne is not there therefore neither am I. I hope the finals series is a complete flop, and the AAMI Park final gets no more than 500 people. The heathens are an absolute disgrace. I have more important matters such as betting on football and making people money than berating the morons up top. Here we go.

21 August 3:00PM Hume City vs Green Gully - Epping Soccer Stadium
Not a derby and not really a spicy encounter either. Hume has been outstanding this year even with an unjust three point deduction. They have done extremely well and continue to surprise. Green Gully on the other hand had a slow start but have once again come good by this time of the year. I can’t see them overcoming Hume because they just aren’t up to it. The game will finish 2-1 in Hume's favour and the crowd will be about 300 people. The loser of this game lives to fight another day, against the winner of the Elimination Final.

21 August 6:00PM Heidelberg United vs Northcote City - Olympic Village 
Well, well, well. Who would’ve thought that I’d be previewing a finals match with Northcote City. At the start of my kiss of death journey I predicted that Northcote would not win a game all season. How wrong was I? I can live with it. As perfect as I am even I make silly judgements at times. Has anyone spotted the irregularity about this game compared to the one up top yet? No, no, not the different teams. The venue. The Qualifying Final is played at a neutral venue, yet this game is played at the Olympic Village. WTF is going on? Out of all the grounds in metropolitan Melbourne, why is this game being played at Heidelberg's home ground? Should it not be at a neutral venue? What’s wrong with Somers Street, Paisley Park, Green Gully? Something is just not right about this fixture from the start. The Bergers have been pathetic on and off the park all season. I hope Northcote goes to town on you once again. They have done it twice this year and this will be their third. Heidelberg 1 – Northcote City 7. Crowd of 700 people, 650 Northcote fans.

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  1. funny stuff - hope Heidelberg cop a KING KONG poutsa - they deserve no less

    Buffalo Cup


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