Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pea Hearted - South 2 Richmond 2

2-0 up, looking pretty good, in difficult conditions. Very few chances for Richmond, while we're slicing and dicing by comparison - it's as good an opening hour as we've probably played all year, and against a competition benchmark too. And then we concede the first goal, and we basically disappear. Suddenly nearly every 50/50 ball is won by Richmond - and in many cases won because not one South player in the vicinity seems to want to put their body on the line. And Vaughan doesn't seem to want to create that atmosphere either - after taking Fernando off, instead of putting a tough inside player like Sebastian Petrovich, who has been languishing on the bench, and who would have been ideal for being able to break up the play so we could grind out a result - instead of that, he puts on Kyle Joryeff, who, whatever his faults and virtues to the individual eye, is certainly not suited to playing in rain and sleet and hail. At least now, at last, hopefully, surely, we can put away this fantasy notion of making the finals behind us, and 'enjoy' the last two games before we go over and probably get mauled in Singapore by Bangkok Glass.

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