Wednesday, 18 September 2013

South inches closer to finals as 2013 Southern Stars games ruled null and void

VPL Ladder as at 4:01PM 18/9/13. Screenshot: Pavlaki
After what seemed to the pleb Victorian football fan like an interminable wait, the FFV have come out and ruled all of Southern Stars 2013 senior results as null and void. It was a tough call to make, but ultimately the right one.

It is more than arguable that some teams have been disadvantaged by this decision, while others have benefited, and the latter are made up of those who gave up points to Southern Stars. However, the argument can also be made that the teams that dropped points were playing the real Southern Stars, as opposed to the one that is now seen as hopelessly compromised.

On the losing side are Melbourne Knights, who were within reach of a possible minor premiership; Port Melbourne, potentially dragged back into the finals race, after having 'sealed' their finals presence last week; Green Gully, who now probably need to win both their remaining matches; and Pascoe Vale who, if Richmond get three points tonight, could be facing a relegation playoff match on Sunday - if relegation exists, of course, what with all this NPL Victoria speculation still doing the rounds.

On the flip side, Northcote have now sealed the minor premiership; South is a little closer to getting a finals berth, with the chance of perhaps getting a home game in week one; and Richmond has one more chance to try and get itself out of that relegation scenario mentioned above.

Of course, the players who scored goals in those games will have those expunged as well, and the goal difference stakes have also been changed. Not sure on yellow cards gained in those contests though.

So the situation for South has changed from this after last week's draw with Northcote, to the situation below.
  • If we beat Port, we're into the finals regardless of Gully's results - most likely finishing in fourth place and with an elimination final against Port or Gully.
  • If Gully wins both games, and we lose or draw to Port, we are out.
  • If Gully wins one game and draws the other, we need to at least draw with Port, and hope Gully's win is by no more than three goals.
  • One win and one loss for Gully means they are eliminated, unless they can make up the goal difference (+3 in South's favour, with more goals scored) in their win or South gets belted on Sunday.
  • Anything less than three points for Gully, and we don't have to do squat to make finals.
Once again, things will of course be much clearer after tonight's fixtures.


  1. Lost count of how many times I've updated this piece.

  2. For the record, the goal scorers jibbed by this decision are:

    3-0 win
    Marinos Gasparios (2)
    Shaun Kelly (a lovely scissor/volley)

    2-2 draw
    - Alan Kearney
    - Andy Vlahos

  3. so the Ustashe suffer and SM-Hakoah look like playing an Elimination Final. Will be in Melb for AFL GF so may see you at the finals....

    James H


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