Monday, 23 September 2013

The Good Kind of Anti-Climax - Port Melbourne 0 South Melbourne 4

Two things. The first is that Port will feel stooged by the week's events for a very long time to come. Considering that they themselves had done nothing wrong, and that they had earned enough points to apparently secure a finals berth with a week to spare, only to be brought back into the finals mire in such a manner, would be pretty hard to take.

But there's also the other thing. From the little I've seen of them this season, Port have been a very ordinary side. Defensively sound perhaps, but woeful going forward, to the point where they were barely scoring more than a goal a game. That alone doesn't mean they should have missed out on the finals, but in my imagination it did make it easier for me to want to see them eliminated from the finals race.

Indeed, all Port needed was a draw from yesterday's match to make it through to the finals. Yet they were cut open repeatedly by a fired up South, while the home team put in what I would consider one of their standard 'meh' performances.

The first surprise of the day was that captain Brad Norton was dropped for Alan Kearney. A risky move perhaps, but initially there didn't seem to be any issues, except for Gully typically taking the lead at home to Dandenong Thunder, which neither Norton nor Kearney could have done anything about. Tyson Holmes' met Nick Epifano's cross with his head to make it 1-0 to South soon after that news, so while things were on a knife edge, at least we trying to hold up our end of the bargain.

Port started to get into the game towards the end of the half, and had one or two chances, but it all comes down to probabilities. Sure, you could score two goals from three chances (and how many times has that happened against us in recent times), but can you seriously go through a whole season of doing that? After a bit of a surge after halftime, Port were basically done and dusted for this game.

Still, we needed a little bit of luck to make things work. That came after Port's keeper made a save which ended up deflecting onto the outstretched arm of one of the defenders on the goal line, with the ref awarding a penalty. Port's keeper tried to argue the point, but even he eventually had to acknowledge that it was a penalty. Trent Rixon ripped the ball from Luke Hopper's grasp, and put the ball underneath the diving Port keeper to make it 2-0.

"What happens when a journo covers the local game properly."
 Photo: Ian Syson
Soon after, key Port man Lambros Honos was sent off, and when Rixon nabbed his second from a spilled shot, we were through to the finals. The celebration, pointing to our very own stats man and telling him to put that down on the records was pretty clever. For good measure, late on Rixon sent in a wonderful cross to substitute Brad Norton at the back post, who headed home emphatically, adding to his impressive goal scoring tally this season.

So, four goals, a first clean sheet under Chris Taylor - and our first since about round 8 - and a bit of miracle escape from that mid season madness that threatened to tear apart the fabric of the club. Now it all starts again.

Not Steve From Broady's Under 21s Report
Steve decided to go drinking before the game at one of the local pubs, so it was left to me to watch this game. Port had their keeper sent off in unusual and unfortunate circumstances. After a mistake in the home team's defence, a South player collected the ball outside the area and faced a one on one situation with the keeper. Unfortunately, he hit it straight into the keeper. Fortunately for South however, the keeper caught the ball outside his area, and was duly sent off.

Port decided to use and outfield player as a keeper, and South didn't make the most of this until the second half. Indeed they found themselves 1-0 down at halftime. In due time however, South eventually ran over the top of the 10 man Port Melbourne and their inexperienced replacement goalkeeper to win 4-1.

Much of the first half was spent listening to Oakleigh Harismidis. Man, that guy has a complicated home life, but all the best to him anyway. The second half was spent eating jellybeans and some sort boiled kiwi fruit and manuka honey lollies that Gains brought back from a recent trip to New Zealand.

Steve From Broady's Canteen Report
Sunday was the last day of the season in the Victorian Premier League canteen championship, and Port was the last canteen left to rate. Expectations were high at SS Anderson Reserve with the Port souv having some serious potential. The souv was in pita which is always a good start. There wasn't much lettuce in the souv and the meat was good but also not much of it. I give the Port souv an 8 out of 10. With Port missing out on the 10 that means that Pascoe Vale have been crowned the inaugural Victorian Premier League Canteen Champions. I would like to thank all canteens involved this season and can't wait for next seasons championship.
  1. Pascoe Vale 10/10
  2. Melbourne Knights 9.9/10
  3. Oakleigh Cannons 9.5/10
  4. Hume City 8/10
  5. Port Melbourne 8/10
  6. Bentleigh Greens 7/10
  7. Richmond 6.5/10
  8. Northcote City 3.5/10
  9. Southern Stars 2/10
  10. Green Gully 1/10
  11. Dandenong DQ 
South food truck
  • Week 1 - 4.5/10
  • Week 2 - 7/10
  • Week 3 - 8.5/10
  • Week 4 - 5/10
  • Week 5 - 5.5/10
  • Week 6 - 9/10
  • Week 7 - 6/10
  • Week 8 - 7.5/10
  • Week 9 - 8/10
  • Week 10 - 9/10
  • Week 11 - 8/10
Final Average Score
  • 7/10
90 Minute Celebrities
Even though the view is shithouse, there's something about being behind the goals that makes a game a lot more enjoyable, and part of that something is when the fans decide to pay attention to one or two of the players from the opposing team. The keeper is always a prime target of course, especially in yesterday's case where he wouldn't take his own goal kicks.

But the real star yesterday was Port's rightback Peter Roberts, who took a lot of those goal kicks. You may recall that a few weeks ago Roberts was involved with a nasty spat with some Knights fans. For whatever reason, he responded much better to the heckling of the South fans, which varied from several 'fat cunt' chants to songs about how South should sign him up.

30 Second Celebrities
Now the last time I visited Port Melbourne (see the link immediately above), I was given some rather minor grief for not paying at the gate by one of the security peeps, even though I had a valid FFV season pass. This time there were no such issues with security. However, I did cop grief from some Port Melbourne - well, I'd call him an official, but he had no identifying clothing or marking - who I assume thought I had managed to elude the crack security squad at the front gate and got in for free (this actually happened to Steve from Broady at Olympic Village a couple of years ago, by complete accident).

Rather than cause a a fuss, I showed him my card, and he looked at it in wonder and confusion. I moved on, annoyed that I have to cop this kind of attitude which doesn't even happen at Altona East anymore. Lift your fucken game, Port.

MVP Night
Good old Beachcomber, my favourite eatery in the known universe, after the vending machines at Spencer Street Station, of course. The pizza was good, even if it was necessary to eat from the couches because there weren't enough proper tables set up.

For the record, Rixon scored the most goals, Brian Bran won the media team's award, and Peter Gavalas was awarded the Theo Marmaras medal for best player. Steve From Broady also spoke about the VPL Canteen Championship. No mention of a certain blog in that presentation, which considering how hard I tried to save his life by telling him NOT TO EAT THE DAMN HOT DOG at Green Gully in round 1, and having him apparently 'this' close to spewing in my car, is what I consider a small oversight. It's a good thing I'm not bitter by nature and don't hold grudges easily.

In that regard, it was interesting to hear Chris Taylor pay tribute to the work done in assembling the squad to Peter Tsolakis.

Next Week
Green Gully at Lakeside on Sunday evening.

Around the Grounds
I had been roped in to play for a team competing in the SMFC Corporate Challenge. I was told that the starting time was 'around 12', but then that got changed to 9am, and I had to politely decline the invitation. So it was off to Burnley Oval to watch the last round of the State League 2 N/W home and away season. The championship, playoff and relegation spots had already been sorted out, so the match between Fitzroy City and Altona East was really nothing more than a chance for some late season glory (and win bonus).

Altona East's reserves won the opening match 2-1. It was nice to see their regular goalkeeper Nathan Debattista get a go playing outfield, and he even managed to provide an assist for one of Altona East's goals. The seniors finished 1-0 to East, probably the right result after a pretty crappy game on a low key Saturday afternoon.

Pave Jusup vs Football Federation Victoria
Being no legal expert, I will try and keep this as short and simple as possible, with as little ephemeral comment as I can manage.

The mediation session last week having failed to sort out the issues between the two sides, we found ourselves today at the Melbourne Magistrates Court, as the sort of main bout after an under-card of mostly cut and dried taxation cases. The main issue at hand was about the plaintiffs' attempt to try and get this case heard in the Supreme Court rather than in the Magistrates Court.

As I understood it, there were essentially two arguments being made simultaneously by both sides. The first was the legal argument, that is, which part of the law should take precedence in this matter; hence lots of quoting of 'subsection so and so' and arguing about which words and which interpretations of those words should take precedence. I think the main part of the law being dealt with was the Corporations Act, with the plaintiffs trying to argue the point of oppression, and the matter of there being no provision for members of the FFV to call a general meeting under the current constitution.

The second aspect of the arguments was more rhetorical in nature, in the attempts by both sides to frame the issue to their liking. In this case, it was mainly centred around how big this issue between the two sides is. The plaintiffs argued that the dispute encompassed and had ramifications for the whole of Victorian soccer, while those representing the FFV sought to portray it as a spat between the FFV and the VPL clubs, and therefore not worthy of being taken to the Supreme Court.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs spoke at length, while the lawyer representing the FFV spoke for a relatively brief amount of time. The plaintiffs argued that there was a possibility of seeking to wind up the FFV (as part of the remedies one could ask for or have offered in such a situation, and which can only happen in the Supreme Court), as well as to possibly gain access to the very large amounts of information on NPL Victoria held internally at the FFV. The FFV argued that while they did not outrightly oppose the matter heading to the Supreme Court, the oppression case could be held in the Magistrates Court.

The interim result is that the magistrate will hand down his decision on whether the matter will go on to the Supreme Court, on the morning of October 7th, via fax.

Finally, there has been some talk around the traps that these court proceedings will prevent the FFV from announcing the successful licensees for next year's NPL on this coming Monday - I do not know if this is true or not though.

Final Thought
Happy Third Birthday To Football Anarchy!


  1. 1. Port Melbourne Gummy Sharks. Fuck off you sick puppies.

    2.Will there be an official acknowledgement of Pascoe Vale for their canteen ?

  2. I asked for a lamb souvlaki from the kitchen at Port, and was served chicken. While still very tasty, was not what I ordered.

  3. I hope the following isn’t a double post - I had a glitch, but here it goes.

    First of all, thanks for the blog. A great, fun read once again. Thanks also for the 'court report' scoop! I agree with your overall assessment. I suspect what you observed was two debates. One on the substantive legal points and the other more rhetorical, but ultimately irrelevant in legal terms.

    It was great to finally know what the essential legal reasoning was behind the plaintiffs claim. As I mentioned in a previous post I had a good look at the law and indeed, the oppression remedy was one I looked at.

    s232-235 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) deals with such claims, who can make them, when, what they need to demonstrate, some definitional matters and what remedies the court can offer were is decides to do so. It makes for interesting reading, not least of which because only the Supreme Court can provide a remedy in this matter – so it would appear that it’s the Supreme Court of bust. As I indicated previously – the civil jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court is simply too narrow.

    Like you I am somewhat puzzled at the lack of injunctive relief for the clubs during the Magistrates deliberations, however, upon reflection, the FFA in the brevity and focus of their words (in particular the "we are not necessarily opposed to the SC" line) were probably indicating that they would not require orders to extend the period of their assessment of NPLV applications until at lease after the Magistrate has issued a ruling. No point pissing of a Magistrate, and this tells us why they FFV have been telegraphing for some time that it has the authority to so extend.

    While I won't detail my reasoning here, it did occur to me that if the Magistrate does see fit to allow this matter to progress, then as I read it, the success (or otherwise) of the plaintiffs case will turn almost singularly on the definitions of a specific term, itself provided for in English case law from the year of my birth 42 years ago. The common law is at once antiquated and brilliant isn’t it?

    Anyway, it is over to the Magistrate and his/her fax machine. That’s as it should be.

    Thanks again for the blog! Terrific in both tone and content.

    1. Not that I can recall correctly (I probably should have written this down or asked Nick Galatas after the matter), but I think the plaintiffs were arguing on section 69? And the FFV on section 220?

      From a quick, very amateurish perusal, it appears as if the Corporations Act is something that gets amended fairly regularly. One thing I forgot to add was that apparently there will be some changes to the Act which will come in during November? I'm not sure what these are, but the plaintiffs did seem to be asking the magistrate to in some ways making his ruling with one eye on the future. The magistrate was of course well on top of this line of argument, even making a bit of joke about it.

      Thanks again for your contributions on this matter, Justin.

    2. No worries, but I see that the FFV have bullishly decided to carry on with the NPLV evaluation process in the absence of injunctive relief.

      I can't imagine why the clubs didn’t seek releif when in court yesterday? I also think the FFV may have overplayed their hand by pressing on while the Magistrate is deliberating when they had already created a way to extend the timeline for assessment lawfully.

      Anyway - that’s why the parties have highy paid counsel.... the rest of us just have to speculate.

  4. Justin I am not sure if you know what you are talking about - or just utilizing a different albeit more colorful language to state the obvious

    Whilst your language is quite intellectual and seemingly balanced with considerations across multiple outcomes - I would like to give you my version :)

    My Version: The FFV can go fuck itself

    The clubs are within their right to hold their ground

    And finally - the longer this takes - the more it will erode the FFV - did you consider that this may never be about winning or losing a court case - personally I don't think the goal posts have moved but the ground has become fatter - as evidence mounts from both sides - the equation remains the same

    Issue is the clubs have more longevity than the FFV

    Just like many court cases - the one with the more finance - that can last the longest

    1. Yep - strip away all the process and detail, and each of us have a view than can be artilated in many fewer words. Fair enough too!

  5. Mahoney called on his bullshit there haha go and get yourself fucked mate :)

  6. More quality contributions I see. Its a shame that people feel the need to behave this way.

  7. It's a shame you are a dumb cunt


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