Thursday, 26 September 2013

Believe it or not, we're playing a finals match this week

This will be our first finals game since that depressing night in Oakleigh in 2011, and our first finals match at Lakeside since our grand final win against Altona Magic in 2006. That was so long ago, this blog didn't even exist! And while the Park Life blog was born in that year, it couldn't even get to the season proper, let alone all the way to the final. Maybe South blogs are to blame for our lack of success in the post-NSL era.

Being a finals match, your South membership is of course not valid for entry. Neither are FFV season passes. If you have a media pass however (you lucky sods), these will get you get into this game. I guess this week we'll find out what everyone else has been complaining about with regards to the inflated ticket prices when they visit Lakeside.

As best I can tell, neither side has any suspended players coming into this game. Once again, the 2013 form guide between the two sides will be almost completely useless - round 1 was like whole different team; round 12 was played in the middle of 'the troubles'; the cup semi final was again played with a team from our end made up of what's now just half our team, if that. Both sides are full of experienced finals campaigners and title winners (even if we had to borrow ours from other clubs).

Chris Taylor seems to like a stable line up more than most people, so I'm not seeing any changes on the horizon. After the anticipation for last week's do or die game against Port, this one almost seems to be flying under the radar. Not sure why - it's not like there's anything else going on in Victorian soccer.

Chaos Reigns In Victorian Soccer
Aldrin De Zilva, and FFV director. has apparently sent this letter out to zone representatives and clubs.

Dear All,

I refer to the statements (attached) released by Mr Nick Monteleone on the following dates:

  • 12 September - President's NPL update
  • 17 September - unsigned statement in relation to the financial position
  • 19 September - reissued statement in relation to the financial position (signed and on letterhead).

I wish to advise that these statements were not brought to the attention of (and therefore not approved by) the FFV Board prior to release.

Therefore, I am unable to endorse these statements by Mr Monteleone and wish to distance myself from them.

I will continue to seek appropriate governance procedures are followed by the FFV Board.

Kind regards

Aldrin De Zilva


Football Federation of Victoria

Of course, we're all interested to see where this goes. This comes on top of the Southern Stars betting scandal, and now Sunshine George Cross being relegated to State League 2 (pending an appeal) following an incident in their match against Heidelberg at Olympic Village.

So, no one knows what the leagues will look like next year, and which teams will be in which league. At least we've got a finals campaign to look forward to, which is probably (hopefully) going to remain a fairly straightforward affair.


  1. According to the people at The Locker Room, there's now talk of an injunction being made to delay the announcement of the successful NPL licences/bids. Not quite sure why they didn't do this beforehand.

  2. Hmm, the FFV's preview for this match says that Roddy Vargas is out for this week. If true, that's a plus for us, right?

  3. In news straight from Twitter, it looks like the zone reps have voted against the board (whatever that means) in pretty overwhelming numbers.

  4. Correct Paul
    100 % of the Zone Reps voted to halt the 'current NPL model in Victoria'
    78% of the Zone Reps voted to Remove the FFV Board

    If the FFV Board choose to argue....... 'their interpretation of the constitution invalidates such a meeting and vote etc' .....then you will find that the clubs will begin proceedings to wind up the FFV.

    A new Incorporated Association will then be created, with a stronger focus on providing services to clubs.

    Its part of the evolution of our code.

    The pendulum nationally you will all find has started to move back to the entities that FUND the game. Even Aleague clubs have copied the play-book of the Vic Co-signatory group and formed an association to lobby Frank Lowy & Gallop (in fact 9 out of the 10 Aleague clubs are members..... as Syd Wanderers are owned by FFA)

    the national awakening has started in this once great footballing state...Victoria


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