Tuesday, 10 September 2013

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

Let's see what happened over the last week or so.

  • The Dockerty State Wide Knockout Cup was played, and won by Green Gully over Dandenong Thunder. Gully were presented with the State Wide Knockout Dockerty Cup for doing so. Confused? Why should you be confused by the actions of an organisation which has promoted an A-League team's special junior membership season ticket offer more than it did for one of its own showpiece events for the season.
  • Speaking of the A-League, old mate Patrick Kisnorbo has ended up at Melbourne Heart. You may recall that in this article that we reported how someone else reported that Kisnorbo wanted a lot of money. Bleed them dry, Patty.
  • When I went to go on the Victory forum to see them gloating with their usual 'yoof!' catch cry (or to do it first myself), it turned out their forum had been hacked. What's the future for that site? I don't know. I hardly visited there any more, all the debates that were worth having (in a manner of speaking) were sorted out a long time ago, in everyone's else's favour, of course.
  • More Syson vs Lynch hysterics on Twitter last week, which lasted for a good 3-4 days this time, as people dropped in and out before eventually getting bored. Bloggers from all over the place, fellow Fairfax hacks, people who hate Ian Syson (and there's a lot of those on the net it seems) - just who didn't get sucked into that vortex of stupidity? Incidentally, this latest edition of their feud was kicked off by Lynch's paranoid response to a Bonita Mersiades tweet. Was anything solved or sorted out? I don't know. Things got so absurd at one stage that I was even dubbed 'the nation's most under-appreciated football writer' in Joe Gorman's rather good article on the matter, and 'a funny man and if only he could be tamed he'd be a great columnist' by another writer. It lead to a moderate boost in my Twitter following, which was good for my ego I guess.
  • Elias Donoudis blathered on more about the shadowy (yet full of morally upright Hellatzides) group looking to take over the board, without saying much at all.
  • Bob Jane T-Marts is back on board as a sponsor.
  • I went and saw Altona East beat Westgate 2-0 in a catch up game. Ex-South player Andy Bourakis scored one of the goals, a first minute penalty.
  • Ex-South junior Peter Skapetis has apparently pledged his future to Australia.
  • Back to the FFV for a moment, some of the zone reps have apparently called for an EGM to get rid of the current board.
  • In addition to that, the NPL keeps on keeping on, but some people at Bulleen aren't so happy about their club's direction. They're looking to get their own special meeting thing going, if the link is correct.
So all in all, a pretty quiet week in Victorian soccer. This week, back to the horror that is the real world of actual on field South Melbourne action.


  1. I cant wait to show everyone I know how much more South Melbourne means to me than Carlton this Saturday Night!

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. The following news item was surely just waiting for this post to be published first.

    National Youth League game to be played at Lakeside on Australia Day:


    Now of course, NYL games and W-League games were played on the old Lakeside configuration... but now we're supposed to have football exclusivity at Lakeside.

    And considering how allegedly difficult we've made it for Heart to play full blown A-League matches at the venue, well... let's see what happens first. More information is needed.

  3. Always a fun read, especially when it starts with a Simpsons quote.

    1. It's the Shakespeare of our times, at least in the way people go about quoting their work.

  4. Also, just to go off on a tangent here. Have you heard this news about 'them' (whoever 'them' is) turning Olympic Village into a 16,000 seat venue?

    The rumour started off a few months ago (maybe a year?) on a more believable scale - that the local council and/or local government were going to put in a few million in to refurbish the place.

    Somehow that has turned into turning the place into a 16k (someone even mentioned 25k!) venue, where you might even end up having Melbourne Heart playing and/or training out of it.

    Now, there hasn't been much in the way of evidence provided for these latest assertions, but how funny would it be if after allegedly doing our best to lock out Heart from Lakeside, they end up at a place we've happily called a dump for the best of 30 years?

    Of course, that's if they last long enough to move into the Village in the first place.

  5. Would you please post a link to the Bonita Mersiades tweet that set Lynch off?

    1. No problem - you can find it here


  6. "(or to do it first myself), " LOL The thought crossed my mind too....

    I saw the recent 'twit' from Lou Sticca - but there is nothing about the Interwebs of any substance to demmonstrate any intent or direction - let along $$$.


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