Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kiss of Death, Round 6, 2013

Oakleigh Cannons vs Dandenong Thunder @ Jack Edwards @ 8.30pm Friday
Oakleigh has hired Miron Bleiberg as its interim coach according to media reports. It just didn’t work out with the previous coach whose name I do not know. Oakleigh has been struggling bad. You all know it, that’s why they are sitting in ninth position. Dandenong Thunder rolls on in fifth position, but won’t be able to do enough at Oakleigh. Oakleigh Cannons 2 – Dandenong Thunder 0.

Saints celebrated on Friday are Andronikos, Androdniki, Iounia and Solon. Get that fish ready!

Pascoe Vale vs Bentleigh Greens @ Pascoe Vale @ 8.30pm Friday
I was probably the only person on the planet who tipped Pascoe last week. I laughed all the way to my online betting account! In this seventh vs third clash, I think that Bentleigh will shell shock Pascoe with a big score. Bentleigh are pretty fluent in how they do things. Pascoe Vale 0 – Bentleigh Greens 4.

Richmond vs Port Melbourne Sharks @ KB Reserve @ 8.30pm Friday
Richmond looked good last week for at least 50 minutes or so. They should’ve parked the bus. Instead they let South do what they wanted. This week they will be successful in their endeavours against sixth placed Port Melbourne. Rumour has it that Victorian coaching legend Takis Svigos is being teed up to take Eric’s job at Port. I hope this happens. I tipped it! Richmond 3 – Port Melbourne Sharks 1.

Hume City vs South Melbourne @ Hume @ 3pm Sunday
This week South visits Hume. Can’t wait for my yearly fix of Gazoza (do they have gazoza? I thought that Dandy - Ed.). That in itself should be interesting. After trailing Richmond 0-2 at Lakeside last week, one could only have flashbacks of last year's poor home results. South was poor for 50 or so minutes. Yeah OK, Richmond was sitting deep, but how about some creative attacking South? Instead we had to sit there and witness crosses going to no-one, ball being shifted left-right-left-right, and long balls from Kelly going absolutely nowhere. It was obvious they weren’t going to move out of their half until the 46th minute, yet we kept doing a big fuck all. Their biggest weakness was the centre of the park. Instead of exploiting this, we kept trying to go down the wings. Every fucken corner was hit onto the keeper, we were pulling stupid fouls, and our creativity up front was woeful. Then came the 0-2 which sparked us into action. One of the Queenslanders pulls a rabbit out of the hat with a semi-overhead, then he gets a second, then we get a third. Andy ‘pappou’ Vlahos came on at the right time. Gus decided, to the shock of the crowd, to make a sub before the 80th minute. That my friends, was a masterstroke. Pappou came on and turned Richmond's defence on its head. His mazy run for one of the goals and pretty crap shot requiring the keeper to parry, put us I think to 2-2 (3-2 actually - Ed.). I kinda forgot how we scored and when because I was too busy talking shit to the rest of my South friends. Anyhoo, the question is, have we used our ‘get out of jail’ card too early this season? Should we have used it? Richmond hasn’t won a game, yet they come to South and nearly get a win. Defensively with Brad ‘plasma’ Norton at left back we look very weak. He got skinned alive for Richmond's second. Kelly needs to stop those long balls to no one and nowhere, and just play it simple. We are missing Kearney. He is a key for us this season, and we miss that dog midfielder. We won’t have a problem disposing of Hume. If my two year theory is correct, we enjoy compact grounds, rather than our big one. Hume City 0 – South Melbourne 3.

Melbourne Knights vs Southern Stars @ Knights Stadium @ 3pm Sunday
Melbourne Knights entertain dead and buried Southern Stars on Sunday. Should be a goal fest. The only decent player at Stars is the young keeper Koc. Excellent talent. Expect a goal fest if you can beat him. Melbourne Knights 5 – Southern Stars 0.

Northcote City vs Green Gully Cavaliers @ Northcote @ 3pm Sunday
Northcote seem to be galloping away with this year's championship. Playing really good by all accounts. Gully on the other hand are languishing in tenth position. Methinks the players are waiting for Dobbo to come back before they start playing again. How much time does Hennessy have? Northcote City 2 – Green Gully Cavaliers 0.


  1. Such a shame that the VPL does not have the ethnic rivalry that exists in the NSWPL.

    Here in Melbourne, it is just a bunch of rich Greeks playing with their toys. Plus the non supported Green Gully, the shadow known as the Melbourne Knights. Ironically the only team that has any semblance of an old style NSL club is a club that never played there, the Dandenong Shqiperians.

    Sazzas Tzionis

    1. I think you romanticise NSW football too much. If Olympic's implosion last night doesn't scream rich Greeks playing with their toys, I'm not sure what does.

    2. What ethnic rivalries? if you have a look at the top 2 divisions in NSW there are more so called Anglo backed clubs than ethnic ones. The top league has a 6-6 split between ethnic and non-ethnic clubs, while in the 2nd div the non ethnic teams are the vast majority. Victoria is by far the most 'ethnic' state when it comes to its football. Get a clue champ.

  2. KOD you said Port Melb would be the first team to sack there coach this season. WRONG!!!!!!!!

  3. Savvas, Melbourne Knights are only a reflection of South Melbourne that you refuse to see in the mirror

  4. I was going to say that I should have put my point across as a question rather than a (wishful?) statement.

    No need to get all arrogant and wordly and RUDE!

    Savvas Tzionis

  5. You were the one being arrogant, worldly and rude yet can't accept the same back.



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