Wednesday, 8 May 2013

SMFC TV to cover A-League bid shenanigans tonight

Cripes, normally I forget to tune into the channel 31 show, but it might be worth checking it out tonight. Apparently board members Tom Kalas and Andrew Mesorouni will be on the show to discuss the Melbourne Heart takeover shenanigans. I'm sure those of our supporters who love to stir the pot on the FourFourTwo forums will be keeping an eye on this for more trolling material. You know who you are.


  1. Fuck, forgot to watch this, lol. Anything worth mentioning?

  2. The 5 minutes or so, with Yianni interviewing Kalas is worth watching.

    Verbal commitment made to running both HAL and NPL teams, so year round football for South.

  3. Paul,

    Whilst I have been one of the 'realists' when it comes to any chance of South getting into the A League, you must agree that, since the inception of the A League, in spite of all the road blocks, all the cards have actually fallen our way in many ways.

    No one was really looking too far ahead when it all started. (it was like the Pol Pot regime. A Scorched earth policy, but with a much better outcome).

    No-one was really thinking about two teams in each of the major cities. Why? Because the new regime (who were generally NOT Soccer heads) did not have enough faith in Australian Soccer. They assumed that one team was enough. Bad mistake. But this is where the cards started to fall South's way, because by only having one team, ALL non aligned supporter's fell behind Victory as their team.

    Now, when the A league exceeded their expectations (not mine), crowd wise, only then did they start thinking about expansion. And boy, did they botch that up.
    And this is where the cards continued to fall our way. The FFA were still fearful of (or bigotted towards) an old NSL team entering the A League. So they accepted the anaemic Heart(less). This is starting to prove a godsend for South because they are currently proving that they arouse ZERO passion amongst the supporter's.
    So I can see why South are so positive in their ambitions (and the Wednesday show was a great indication of this).

    Sazzas Tzionis

    1. Most certainly not "Soccer heads". Jon O'Neill thought it best to model our local league on Super12/14/Rugby/whatever they call it next year.
      Horrible idea that damned a mob like Heart before they could even get started.

  4. The interview is now online


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