Friday, 3 May 2013

Mark Bosnich gives us the thumbs up - but should we actually care?

A whole two years ago now, we had a jersey presentation night at Kinisi. Among the guests on the footballing panel was that was a part of the event, was one Mark Bosnich, of Socceroos, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea, cocaine, down and out followed by rebirth as the rehabilitated crazy thing on his head, stupid laugh and tell it like it is pundit on Fox Sports soccer coverage.

Back then, whatever my opinion was of what he was saying, at least it seemed like he actually believed in it, and wasn't trying to pander to our la la land hopes of getting back into the top-flight. Here's what I noted as the gist of what he said about that issue back then:

Unlike Les Murray in the past, Mark Bosnich at least had the courtesy not to humour our delusions of grandeur, by being unapologetic about his and/or the FoxSports team's stance that change was necessary in the game and that we should be relegated to the toxic waste dump of Australian football.

Though he did not use the phrase 'toxic waste dump of Australian football', his message was pretty damn clear: South, and clubs like South, had had their time in the sun, but everyone else had moved on, and it was time we did, too. No offense, you still have good tradition and that.

Two years on, and his opinion seems to have softened on the matter somewhat.

The person who posted this video has called it an endorsement of our A-League ambitions. I wouldn't go that far myself. But Bosnich goes further in this piece on the Fox Sports site.

How did he get from his previous line of thinking on the matter, to where he is now? Two years ago he would have politely knocked this on the head. But now when talking about our great tradition, he's not pushing us aside as yesterday's news, but claiming that we actually have something to offer.

To be honest, it's all a bit confusing. And we don't even have a game this weekend to take our minds off this rubbish.


  1. "……all this rubbish"!!
    are you on drugs ??

    We have the mainstream media validating the clubs efforts in lobbying to enter top national comp, & you throw scorn on it.

    We are our own worst enemies sometimes.

    The club has been busting its chop to get the football sector acclimatised to ‘South deserves to be play in the top level’.

    The Next stage will be the reinforcement by other media and powerbrokers of that fact.

    Sth Purists need to understand that to get to the end game,
    You need to force you way to sit at the table, then you negotiate.

    You may not get all you want in the first round, but you will certainly do so by acclimatising and appeasing concerns while you show the clubs benefits to the top league & football in general.

    By the last round, the acclimatisation process will create its own momentum and even the blind will see that SMFC , a members based club, whose driver is to play football and invest in football, needs to return to its rightful place

    luv your work normally

    SMFC Member

    1. Sorry SMFC Member, I don't take what Bozza says particularly seriously. Notions such as rightful place also annoy me - to me that says that we haven't learned as much as we thought we have over the last few years.

    2. It should also be noted - as it has been by several people - that this guy shat on Sydney United supporters when they received heavy handed treatment at the hands of police, and was nowhere to be found with an apology when these fans were exonerated.

      It's not about bursting a bubble, and I'm enjoying the media and forum shenanigans as much the next person (admittedly perhaps more out of cynicism) - it's just that I don't throw as much weight behind these comments as some people seem to be doing.

    3. For what it's worth, I agree 100% with you Paul. Bosnich isn't the only one..Les Murray and many at SBS swing like the wind from one direction to another. These guys seem to just churn out what the status quo seems to be at the time. Not to mention alot of our ex supporters who have all of a sudden come out of their burrows.

    4. Always find it a bit scary when we agree on things JJ, lol.

    5. ffs guys... Lets just turn the lights off and go home.

      unbelievable.... *shakes head*

  2. Are we imminent again? Bozza hath anointed us. Perplexing.

  3. Paul, what I meant by 'Rightful place' :

    The most successful Australian domestic football club having won four Championships, five Premierships and participated in a total of seven grand finals etc

    "Oceania Team..."you know the rest

    Best Boutique Stadium in the state of Vic

    "World Club Championship - Brazil"

    Currently considered by FFA /FFV to be running ...."If not the best Football Operation in the country...certainly one of the best"

    Youth Program, Multimedia team, Charity Events, blah blah blah

    & all managed by a members based club.

    Cashed up millionaires buying Franchises to play in the top National football league is 'UNDERSERVING" and wrong.

    Nevertheless its the state of play in Australia, so
    If there is one club in Australia "whose rightful place" is to play in the top national comp.......its SMFC.

    We need to work within the rules and win a place there, once there, we need to earn our stay and prove our football pedigree

    SMFC Member


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