Thursday, 23 May 2013

Saints Be Praised! Kiss of Death, Round 7, 2013

Bentleigh Greens vs Melbourne Knights @ Bentleigh on Friday @ 8.15pm
Bentleigh entertain the Knights on Friday night. A game I might be at. Bentleigh sit second while the Knights sit fourth. A game of two sides. Should have plenty of action and plenty of goals. Both teams will play for the win, and both will concede. Bentleigh Greens 3 – Melbourne Knights 2.

Richmond vs Hume City @ KB Reserve on Friday @ 8.30pm
Richmond is on the up. Or are they? They still sit bottom of the table with six losses from six games. But they are playing better somewhat. Hume on the other hand, are a disgrace to the league. Their coaching duo of Lou Acevski and Zoran Markovski leaves a lot to be desired. Two of the most hated players of the past, are now coaching and letting their antics get out of hand. Zoran Markovski is just a joke. To charge at the South players after the game in the manner he did is unacceptable. Joke. Richmond 1 – Hume City 2.

Dandenong Thunder vs Pascoe Vale @ George Andrews Reserve on Saturday @ 3pm
Another three points in the bag for Dandy. They will absolutely kill Pascoe Vale. Pascoe might as well not rock up and just lose 3-0 on forfeit. Dandenong Thunder 5 – Pascoe Vale 0.

Green Gully vs Port Melbourne @ Green Gully on Saturday @ 3pm
Green Gully will have their hands full against Port Melbourne. Seriously, when is Port going to sack Eric? With the amount of popstars he has down there, there is no excuse. Taki Svigos is waiting in the wings. LOL. Green Gully 3 – Port Melbourne 1.

Southern Stars vs Northcote City @ Southern Stars on Saturday @ 6pm
Southern Stars are hopeless. Northcote City are top of the table unbeaten with six from six. FML. Southern Stars 0 – Northcote City 6.

South Melbourne vs Oakleigh Cannons @ Lakeside Stadium on Sunday @ 5pm
The game of the round by anyone's standards. Oakleigh continues to sign HAL hacks, the latest being some dude from New Zealand LOL. When will they ever breed some of their own talent I ask? Then again talent down at Oakleigh is slim. This game should be a cracker on and off the park. The question remains however, is will Oakleigh rock up? There are three saints celebrating on Sunday, and with Oakleigh being all religious, I expect a forfeit. If they manage to rock up and play, well won’t that be a mistake they will rue for a while. South on the other hand are pagans. We would even play on Christmas Day if we had to, because football is our religion! We are coming off an MMA fight with Hume last weekend, and I'm not sure of the injury count, but some of the tackles last weekend were terrible. A decent ref would not have lost control of the game. Which brings me to question the refs assigned to certain fixtures. Knowing our luck, we will have some kid in the middle and two chicks on the lines. Not that there’s anything wrong with women officials, but please not in the VPL. Stick them down in the lower leagues to gain a bit more experience. Anyhoo, about this weekend. South should beat Oakleigh. Oakleigh have been very poor this season, and I can’t see Miron Bleiberg turning things around anytime too soon. Last weekend we witnessed poor coaching from Gus. I’ve waffled on forums about it, and I'm not going to waffle on anymore. I just hope he's learned from his mistakes. South Melbourne 3 – Oakleigh Cannons 0 (1 for every saint).


  1. Miron watches the voice!

  2. Got the Pascoe Vale/Dandy game wrong- BIG TIME.
    Former Sth Melb players Steff ( in goals) and Jake ( defence) helped keep a clean sheet for the upset of the round. Paco plays South next week, watch out!!!

    1. Will be a very interesting affair, Anonymous, can't wait for it. Pascoe Vale look to have shaken off whatever early season jitters they may have had.


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