Friday, 10 May 2013

Kiss of Death, Round 5, 2013

Friday 10th May @ Bentleigh Greens @ 8:15pm
Bentleigh Greens vs Oakleigh Cannons

A derby somewhat. Second placed Bentleigh entertains eighth place Oakleigh. Bentleigh is looking good, and should be good enough to beat the Oakleigh Cannons. I watched Oakleigh against Southern Stars two weeks ago, and they were pretty bad. Lack of organisation in the back, no structure, no game plan, and instruction lacking from the bench. Bentleigh on the other hand is organised, has a structure, has a game plan, and gets plenty of instruction from the bench. A game of two very different teams. Bentleigh Greens 3 Oakleigh Cannons 1.

(P.S. Friday is St's Zisis, Zoi, Krini, Panagiotis, Panagiota, Simon, Simone, Paraskevi, and Paraskevas Day. I am expecting Oakleigh to not turn up, as they are all religious and shit. I am also expecting Bentleigh to have fish on the menu as it's Friday, and if they want to sell anything to the Oakleigh fans, then have fish, because they don't eat meat on Friday).

Friday 10th May @ Port Melbourne @ 8:30pm
Port Melbourne Sharks vs Northcote City

Port Melbourne is sitting in fourth, yet they haven't really played anyone of note. Northcote is top of the table unbeaten, and have had a comfy run so far. This will be a test for Northcote and they will most likely drop points. Both teams are playing someone for a change and should be an entertaining encounter. Port Melbourne 2 Northcote City 2.

Saturday 11th May @ Dandenong Thunder @ 3pm
Dandenong Thunder vs Hume City

Seventh placed Dandy have sixth placed Hume this weekend at George Andrews. Boring. Dandy Thunder 2 Hume City 1

Saturday 11th May @ Green Gully @ 3pm
Green Gully vs Melbourne Knights

Green Gully who are ninth, play the fifth placed Melbourne Knights. Both teams are a rabble at the moment. Probably the hardest one to pick. I wouldn't put my money on this one. Gully is up and down, and the Knights lack leadership. The fish rots from the head, I heard someone saying at Northcote once. You know what to do. You know who I'm talking to. Green Gully 1 Melbourne Knights 2.

Saturday 11th May @ Southern Stars @ 6pm
Southern Stars vs Pascoe Vale

Relegation derby. 11th v 10th. Already these two teams are playing to avoid relegation. I have no interest whatsoever in this one. More like a FML, do I need to talk about it? Southern Stars 0 Pascoe Vale 4.

Sunday 12th May @ Lakeside Stadium @ 5pm
South Melbourne vs Richmond

Match of the round by far. South Melbourne is cruising in third place, while Richmond have replaced their coach with Grant Brebner and are languishing bottom of the table in 12th. This result is a 'gimme' for South. Fucken seriously, if we don't wipe the floor with these muppets, we should shut the doors. I expect, and shall receive a Mothers Day Massacre down at Lakeside. On that note, very strange the game is scheduled on Mothers Day. Why would anyone do such a thing? I don't have much to say about Richmond. I have been reading Steve from Broady's canteen reviews, and if your team is as shit as your food, then fucken LOL. The five or so fans you have might as well stay home. South Melbourne 8 - Richmond 0.

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