Friday, 27 February 2009

Footy's Back! - Round 1, South Melbourne vs Dandenong Thunder

I had to look at last year's crappy template to see how I did these things.

Last time they met

Never met


Dunno about this one. I reckon it's going to be a fiercely competitive league this year, at least until half the teams stop paying players. Dandenong Thunder have a half decent squad and an experienced coach despite his failures in finals series. It's their third stint in the big league, and their first since 2001; their two previous stays in the VPL saw them relegated withing 2 and 1 seasons respectively. They've looked solid by all reports during the pre-season, but this is the real thing now. South knows this too despite its own more than solid pre-season. Apart from Caldwell's season ending injury and Blatsis' permanent status as everyone's favourite non playing player. I'd love to be listed on the teamsheet just once, hell even as part of the squad, which will bamboozle future historians looking at the data. Anyway, no predictions, because no one holds me accountable, and it's just so cliched.

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