Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Get to know Sebastian Petrovic

As we fast approach the start of the 2001/02 NSL campaign, (can you feel the excitement people!) we here at South of the Border thought it'd be great to get to know one of the youngsters set to make their mark in the famous Blue and White this season.

Full Name: Sebastian Petrovic
Nickname: Saba
Date of Birth: 05/10/1982
Age: 18
City & Country of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Positions Played: Midfield
Left or right footed: Right
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Height: 180cm
Weight: 74kg
Do you wear glasses/contacts: No
Representative Honours: -
Medals/Trophies won: -
No. of seasons with South: 1st
Clubs played for: Port Melbourne SC, South Melbourne Youth
Overseas experience/trials: -
At what age & how did you get involved in soccer: 6 years old - older brother played
Junior clubs: Springvale United, Caulfield United, Altona City
Career Highlight to date: Playing Melbourne Knights in Charity Cup at Bob Jane
Ambitions: To be the best
Favourite actor: Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton
Favourite actress: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts
Best movie ever made: Titanic
If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be?: Batman
Favourite comedian: Jim Carrey
Favourite magazine: World Soccer
Favourite band/singer: Tony Braxton
CD you couldn't live without: -
Favourite food: Asian, Indian
Favourite drink: Lassi
Favourite alcoholic drink: -
Favourite TV show: Soccer Scene
Favourite TV Character: Jerry Seinfeld
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Most watched sports program: Fox Sports News
Favourite overseas player: Sylvan Wiltord (France)
Favourite overseas team: Red Star Belgrade
Most admired Australian (local): Lleyton Hewitt (Tennis)
Most admired Australian (OS): Mark Viduka
Hardest opponent (player): -
Hardest opponent (team): -
Most admired sportsperson: Michael Jordan
Major influences: Diego Maradona
What is the best advice you've received - and from whom: Work hard, harder, even harder - Sam Myer
Do you like to cook? Garden? Paint? any hobbies? Gamble, golf, horse riding
What is your dream car: Ferrari
What do you eat before a game? Pasta
What do you eat after a game? Pizza
If you could invite anybody to dinner - living, dead, fact or fiction - who would it be? Nelly Furtado (singer)
What is your worst habit? Drinking coffee
Do you have any phobias? -
Soccer superstitions: No.13 jumper is bad luck
What do you do when you're not training/competing? Relaxing, eating
What is your most prized possession? -
Funniest team-mate: Chris Jones
What do you wish you could do, but are bad at? Golf, tennis
Describe yourself in 3 words: Motivated, funny, serious
As a child, did you play any other sports? Athletics, football, basketball, tennis
Did you ever consider a career in anything else/sport? Actor
Do you follow any other sport? Athletics, Washington Wizards

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