Friday, 6 February 2009

Ancient Hellenic history

"Hellenic: The first roots". Year and location of photo unknown. This version of this image is a replacement for an earlier (inferior) one which was taken down by the third party site which posted the image. I found this version - which is a laminated poster - in a drawer in the old social club.
Back row: Con Papapantos, Con Papas, Chris Picoulas, Alecos Nanos, Tony Karagiannis  (listed here as Carayiannis), Bill Gizoris, Charlie Moshakis, Costas Zinis/Tzinis.
Front row: Fotis Antipas, ??? Paleogiannidis, John Tsarouchas.


  1. In a locked cabinet draw at Lakeside, I found a laminated version of this photo, with the player names.

    Back row: Con Papapantos, Con Papas, Chris Picoulas, Alecos Nanos, Tony Carayiannis, Bill Gizoris, Charlie Moshakis, Costas Zinis.

    Front Row: Fotis Antiypas, (first name not listed) Palogianidis, John Tsarouchas

  2. Who was the first non Greek to play for the new club?

    1. I can't answer that definitively, but Dutchman Harry van Groningen, Irishman Martin Power and a bloke called terry Budgen all played for us during the 1960 season.

  3. Former general manager Peter Kokotis, whose family was involved with Yarra Park back in the day, informs me that Antipas was originally from Panachaiki, and that Yarra Park had tried to sign him, but that Hellenic via Antonis Karagiannis (also spelled Carayiannis) managed to get him first. He also claims that Yarra Park was more associated with Peloponnesians, whereas Hellenic was more associated with Greeks from Egypt.

  4. Another fan, Paul Giannakis, has noted that Fotis Antipas operated the scoreboard at Middle Park throughout the 1970s and 1980s.


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