Friday, 6 February 2009

I love chocolate cake

After several months of speculation, South of the Border has been informed by a distant relative of William Felt, that Vaughan Coveny, 247 game South veteran and member of the back-to-back and World Club Championship sides, is coming back to Lakeside for the club's 50th year. A fan favourite, Vaughan is also just 12 goals shy of completing his league ton for Hellas. With the defensive line being shored up and a plethora of injured midfielders coming back, Coveny's signing would be the icing on the cake, providing valuable experience and firepower up front. Time to break out the Horsey plakat again? Well, not until the brainstrust in the rich chocolate cake with fresh cream boardroom at South say it's true. Any minute now... 

Left: Vaughan Coveny in happier times for the club, donned in the heritage strip adopted for a game or two in 2004. Below: A cake likely resembling the one that South Melbourne boardmembers enjoy during important club meeting. Not pictured is the fresh cream which can be doled out at a diner's pleasure, nor the sweet, intoxicating aroma of high quality cocoa. 

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