Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Watching grass grow

I spoke to a friend of a friend at the Family Day, and we got to talking about this blog. One of the things he said I should do is write every day. Well, sometimes there isn't anything too interesting to write about, and you have to rely on your b-grade material. Thanks to George Kouroumalis for the photo.

Over the off-season, Bob Jane Stadium had new a drainage system installed. It should have been put in when the surface was relaid at the end of 2006, but Parks Victoria apparently didn't think it was worth it with the possibility of Athletics Victoria moving in. And then half way through last season it bucketed down during one week, and the water didn't drain away. Anyway, the surface is looking pretty good now, and the drain lines should have a decent covering of grass by Sunday week, the date of our first home game against Coburg United.

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