Tuesday, 26 February 2008

2008 membership package part 1 - Balls

There were complaints from those who were in charge of getting these that the blue on the panels was too light, especially when compared to the emblem's blue, but I reckon that they've come out quite nice actually. The alternate all white paneled ball (better for autographs) looks quite dull by comparison, but it's all a matter of opinion I guess.

Now I all need is a working bike pump and we're on our way. Classic book collection too don't you think?


  1. Pretty cool-looking ball.. it's a pity (I would rather be more diplomatic here by not using the word "SH@ME")that after more than a decade of pro football, some S.League clubs are still lagging behind in areas like merchandise

  2. For many years we didn't have much merchandise, but in the last couple of years our board made a real effort to make a decent range available, and most of it is of really good quality. Unfortunately, the majority of our fanbase has deserted us in recent years, and therefore we're reliant on the same people pitching money in all the time.

    The balls themselves however were a supporter group funded initiative, as an incentove to early bird members and free for junior members.


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