Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A couple of book reviews

I'm guessing most of the people that have read this blog have done so either because they are amongst the few who have been told personally by me of its existence, or because they got redirected here because of my work on Das Libero, where I sorta insisted that this blog be linked under every piece that I do. Smart, no? Anyway, here are two reviews that I wrote for that site, both of which mention South occasionally. The books that is, not the reviews.

The first book is on the history of Green Gully. It's pretty good, and it let's you know what all the little clubs were doing while we were kings of the world. A Tale of Two Gullys is a fairly appropriate title for it, so enjoy the review and enjoy the book, and don't just skip to the index to look for mentions of South.

The other book is called Soccer Boom, basically looking at Victorian soccer's changes primarily in the 1950s from a revisionist viewpoint. It's also good, but don't get completely sucked in to his stance, because as When Push Comes to Boom explains, there are a few inconvenient facts ignored to make it work. Once again though, a worthwhile read.

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