Thursday, 7 February 2008

Australia vs Qatar 3-0, shame I missed it

Firstly, here is my favourite picture of Socceroo training at Bob Jane Stadium. Why? Because it actually includes the 'a-frame' that I helped move across so it would get into some media shots. Of course the media being fuckwit revisionist monkeys, you likely didn't see it on mainstream television stations. More photos on the South forum.

I also totally picked the wrong day to start throwing up every couple of hours. Pissed off that I missed this game, and of course the tv rights being the way they are, could only listen to it on the radio, and even then only the first half because I fell asleep due to exhaustion early during the second. Of course, we're not alone in this. The most important thing is we got off to a great start.


  1. love the thoughts of you moving the sign...

    also interested why Tony Ising got the boot surely someone in that big city knows


  2. Thanks for your reply Eamonn, you have a pretty decent blog yourself there, saw it linked to the Bolasepako blog. Mine's getting there slowly, the key thing appears to be to not get bored of it initially, and then material writes itself. I'll add your blog to my list, as well as Bolosepako.

    As for Ising, part of me feels sorry for him, the other dislikes the A-League. No South, no APL!


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