Friday, 22 February 2008

Round 1, Under 21s - Bergers 3 South 3, plus bonus whinge

Owing to the Old Socceroos and Copperoos (or Piggeroos, as one BLF die hard near me insisted on calling them) game held prior to the seniors match, this game was played on Wednesday evening. Standard leaves a lot to be desired, but what's more troubling is how can someone like Adrian Luka (whom South of the Border thanks for his videos) be able to film, edit and upload videos on his own, but our own site can't? How can I pump out South related words on a daily basis, and yet the official South site seems to be move at pre-global warming glacial speed? And where is the promised upgrade to the whole thing?

I realise that perhaps quite a bit of what gets written here would not be appropriate for an official site, which is there to spread propaganda and such. But where is the info on stuff? Where are the promised commissioned articles? Why doesn't the board trust its own volunteers and supporters to contribute items? How can a club, with decent writers, excellent multimedia and IT skills personnel, and ordinary people who can film, edit, and upload, not have a decent site? It's an absolute disgrace I tell ya. And from what I hear, there's not going to be much change in the near future at least. Enjoy the show.


  1. I think you'll find it was the Piggaroos.

  2. You're right, I should have checked the spelling with he who coined the term.

    I was promised a plug in the next instalment of Pumpkin Seed Eaters. Whether it happens or not, sometime next week I plan to officially and timidly launch the blog on the forum plebs.


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