Monday, 18 February 2008

VPL guide to fashion

I should make it clear, that I'm not for changing strip designs year in year out. All you need to do is pick one design, stick with it eternally, and at most play around with your away strip, but really, there's no need for that either. I didn't take these photos, so thanks to whoever I'm borrowing them off for today's lesson.

That is the South home strip for this year. I don't really like it, but the sponsor on there looks rather nice for once. And I hate it a lot less after I saw what some of the other teams had cooked up.

Speaking of sponsor/strip clashes... Preston's strip has been universally caned but on reflection, despite the abomination that is that colour combination, they could be forgiven for at least looking after the colour-blind, who most frequently have difficulty with separating red and green.

Finally for now, a clear demonstration of what works, and what just doesn't. Fawkner last year had a pretty crappy strip. How do you fuck up light blue you may ask? By putting a stupid white slab slanting down across the shoulder, making it look like you've run out of dye. So kudos to Fawkner for embracing a neo-classicist approach of sorts. As for the Knights, they had one of the better strips last year. And now they've gone for tie-die. For a club with such rampant right-wing sympathies, it strikes me as an odd tactic that they're now aiming for the hippy/stoner market. But Australian soccer (the proper version, not that mickey mouse 'a' league divorced from reality) always has something up its sleeve to at once both depress and amuse.

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  1. Jesus H. Buddha, what a terrific jersey from the Knights - if only their management had the courage of their convictions to keep it for more than a few weeks.


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