Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Pumpkin Seed Eaters and format changes

You may have noticed some minor changes in formatting recently. Or not. Nevertheless these should be explained. There has been a counter installed at the bottom. This is mostly for me so I can see if people are visiting (apparently they are, which is good), and how many are returning. It is a little disappointing that you people seem to prefer Internet Explorer and Mozilla over the brilliant Opera browser, but whatever. There's also been a little blog bio and disclaimer put up. There's a couple of new blog adds as well, worth checking out. The number of articles on a page will also be increased.

But perhaps the most significant addition has been a link add for a new online radio show by and for self-styled traditional fans called the Pumpkin Seed Eaters (based on a comment which they attribute to Gary Cole, but I'm pretty sure was actually made by Melbourne Victory supremo 'Evil' Geoff Lord). Anyway, for less than 10mb, and at 42 odd minutes, it's pretty good, taking into account also that it is their first episode. There's an interview (at the cost of pizza) with Rockem Sockem Poutakidis and some Berger chump, and regular segments and whatnot. A warning though: it's not intended for people with weak hearts or those who love the A-League. It's a bit South-centric at the moment, but that's probably a good thing. In short, I enjoyed listening to it, and reckon it'll get better. The anti-semitism at the end wasn't really necessary though. And boys, there are plenty of frogs in Greece, trust me.

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