Sunday, 17 February 2008

The search for a central midfielder should have begun at the end of 2006 - Heidelberg United 2 South Melbourne 1

Firstly, a reminder to whoever left their bike (green one) in Darebin Creek, you should probably go pick it up before it rusts.

Let's start with the little problems. There were obviously players out there who were not going to last a full match. That will come in time I guess, but the players with niggling injuries or who had a distinct lack of match fitness should not have been played in my honest opinion.

The medium problems. There is a cultural problem at South Melbourne, of trying to repeatedly walk the ball into the net. Just have a ping! It might go in! There was also the abominable surface. But the players need to get used to that as at least 10 of the 14 grounds are probably going to be like that. You can't afford to let the ball sit up before shooting or passing, because it will not sit. The players can be warned about this and it can be changed. Whether they adapt is another issue.

The big problems. Still no central midfielder, to fight and win contested balls, and lay off simple passes to running players. Johnny A' still persisting with certain players in certain positions to which they are not accustomed. Certain players who are obviously not very good and who are getting games ahead of players that are good. Referees and their assistants. No idea about the last man foul rule, no idea about foul throws, no idea about not inventing bullshit free-kicks that only they can see.

Zoric will be a more than handy pick up. Deano had a blinder, but still provided two of his requisite heart attack moments. Caldwell should at least quit wearing red boots if he's not going to score sitters. And from now on I want the players to bleed for the shirt. Most fans would give almost anything to get out there for 30 seconds and play in that shirt, and yet the lack of fierce but fair tackling was offensive to me. The game seemed to carry on from last year's form, and that's troubling. If this is not the wake up call that we need then we seriously need a new direction. It may sound like I'm jumping the gun, but this was basically rinse repeat from much of what occurred last season.

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