Sunday, 10 February 2008

Hellenic Cup 2008 Finals round up

Now I wasn't there, so don't shoot me if I've got any of this wrong.

Two junior sides and the women's team had finals yesterday. Our u13s won 9-0 against Oakleigh, while our u14s side lost to the same opposition 3-2. According to slightly more than semi-reliable 2nd hand information, our women's side apparently played quite well and kept up with last season's WVPL champion Heidelberg, improving significantly on the previous 7-0 loss to draw the final 0-0 and push the game to penalties where they alas lost 7-6 in the shootout. Nevertheless, there appears to be much hope for our ladies this year, and perhaps now something better than merely survival can and should be aimed for.

Tomorrow a wrap up of the wildly enjoyable Family Day, which is partly dependent on my receiving a couple of photos to help illustrate a couple of points.


  1. Your 2nd hand news was reliable regarding the women. The match that resulted in a 7-0 loss to Heidelberg was used to trial some potential players.

  2. Thanks for posting Anonymous. I'm trying to remember who gave me the info, but my memory has gone fuzzy. Will attempt to make it to a few more women's games this year.


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