Thursday, 3 May 2012

Football Manager, show us the way! - Kiss of Death, Round 2012

I’ve been so busy the last fortnight, I have lost track of the previous round’s results. Because I can't be fucked looking for them, there will be not much reviewing done this week.

Friday 4th May @ 8.15pm – Bentleigh Greens (2nd) vs Melbourne Knights (10th) 
Won’t be at this game. Bentleigh seem to be on a bit of a roll as is expected early on. The Knights are struggling, and I have no idea why *shock horror*. Being a closet Knights fan from way back, I’m hoping the Knights will do the damage and stop the run of Bentleigh. Bentleigh give me the shits just quietly. Bentleigh Greens 1 – Melbourne Knights 2.

Friday 4th May @ 8.30pm – Oakleigh Cannons (3rd) vs Richmond Eagles (5th) 
Oakleigh got a win at Gully in round four. Probably the shock of the round. Richmond parked the bus at home against South Melbourne and escaped with a 1-1 draw. Richmond didn’t impress me one iota. If anything, they are a team of panel beaters with absolutely no idea how to play the game as it’s meant to be played. I’ve always said that the coach's attitude reflects on his players, and with Chatz getting sent off early on from the bench, it’s no surprise his players are hacks. Oakleigh I have no worthy comment about. Here’s hoping for a draw with plenty of yellow and red cards. Oakleigh Cannons 0 – Richmond Eagles 0.

Friday 4th May @ 8.30pm – South Melbourne (4th) vs Southern Stars (9th) 
Keep a look out for Southern Stars' distinctive team bus this Friday.
Question to whoever from South Melbourne who reads this blog. Why are we playing on the shit time of 8.30pm on a Friday night? It might suit some chardonnay sipping suits upstairs, but it does not suit me. Not happy man. Anyhoo. South Melbourne struggled to break down a nine man Richmond a fortnight ago. Watched SMFCtv and I’m pretty sure Trent Rixon hit the nail on the head. Quote “Ya know sometimes we should just play direct, rather than from side to side”. Yes Yes YES! Gus, I know you’re a reader, let’s start playing some direct football. We finally have a strong, tall, quick striker at the club. Let’s start utilising him. The side to side can only work for so long before we become predicatable. For example, when I played Football Manager I also played a side to side wing type of game, until the AI picked up on this five games in, and that tactic no longer worked. So now I play a mix of direct and side to side football. Result? A couple of Euro cups, and a few championships. I can show you my tactic one day if you want. Southern Stars Backpackers FC aren’t much chop. Haven’t seen them yet this season, and don’t care to see them. Unfortunately, they got promoted to the VPL and they are drawn against South on Friday night. Under duress I will be forced to watch their shit. South Melbourne 3 – Southern Stars 0.

Saturday 5th May @ 3pm – Green Gully (7th) vs Moreland Zebras (12th) 
Pack your lunch boxes. Green Gully should beat the Moreland Zebras quite comfortably. No suprises here. Only surprise would be if the Zebras steal a point or three. Can’t see it happening. Will be the shock of the season if it does. Green Gully 3 – Moreland Zebras 0.

Sunday 6th May @ 3pm – Northcote City (6th) vs Dandenong Thunder (1st) 
Northcote was beaten by Morwell Pegasus last weekend 0-1 in the FFV Statewide Cup. Shock of the round. Dandenong Thunder is looking good, actually looking really good. Four games, four wins, twelve goals scored, zero conceded, twelve points. Perfect start to the season. How long will it last? All seems quiet down at the Thunderdome. Even their usual forum posters have been quiet. Opa Rok Opa Bro. However, this will be Dandy's first loss. Northcote has a thing of upsetting the runs of teams, and after their loss to Morwell Pegasus, they will be fired up to bounce back. Northcote City 2 – Dandenong Thunder 1.

Sunday 6th May @ 6pm – Heidelberg United (11th) vs Hume City (8th) 
Not much chatter about this one. Heidelberg is struggling hard. Hume is doing ok. Heidelberg 1 – Hume City 3.

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  1. KoD is the highlight of my week especially for the pro-NSL club bias


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