Saturday, 12 May 2012

A little better - Hume City 0 South Melbourne 1

How do you go about describing that kind of game? Perfect conditions, but a scrappy affair. A draw might have been a fairer result, but we're not about to hand two of those points back.

Someone said that if we'd played like we did last night, against Southern Stars last week, we would have beaten them 3-0. I wouldn't go that far. There were still problems, still indirectness (which is not an endorsement of Steve from Broady's 'get it in the mixer' catchcry), but there was less of it, and maybe that made the difference last night.

It was Steve O'Dor with the winning goal, quite late, maybe deflected, with at best the barest hint of jogo bonito, tiki taka or total football, but it was 99% just getting the ball up the field quickly and putting it into a dangerous area. You have to walk before you can run.

The VPL is a grinding league, and we rode our luck a little, but got the job done.

Big shout to regular SMFCTV cameraman Tim Dovas, who broke his leg last week, and hasn't been able to perform his duties - hope the ekmek deliveries come thick and fast. Also a big shoutout to Paul Zarogiannis, the workhouse behind SMFCTV, who's back on camera duties, and must've come close to freezing last night.

I have no idea what kicked off this line of chanting.

'Are you Preston in disguise'

'Fuck off Preston'

'State League 2'

Indeed it was, but not as bad other times. Still one more trip there this season, in the middle of winter against the Zebras.

Drumsticks (the lack thereof)
Empty plastic coca-cola bottles had to make do.

Fighting to the end
No heads dropping, got the points.

Green Gully
Richmond vs Green Gully was the other Friday night match - we bring this up only because Green Gully came from behind for the third time in six matches, this time scoring twice in three minutes to overcome Alemannia. Very frustrating.

Apparently there were a few.

Someone was annoyed with my getting four special event goals last week against Money Monkey on Hattrick, after the bad luck he suffers week in, week out - culminating in his bowing out

Next Week
Next Sunday, at home to a desperate Knights. How desperate depends on their result against Heidelberg tomorrow.

As were driving into Epping, the Kiss of Death made a salient point - is it right that clubs out there should be charged for parking, when there's nowhere esle to park? It didn't matter for us though, as we drove right through, as the security guys were too busy chatting with other people.

It was palpable.

I think Gus Tsolakis is well and truly in the Johnny A' school of making subs - that is, don't make any to change the game until the 75th minute. Kyle Joryeff looked very frustrated. The fans were frustrated. The game was going nowhere, and nowhere fast - why not try and take the initiative, and take the game by the scruff of the neck? Or at least give some of the bench players a run - it must've been freezing for them, too.

Under 21s
Finished 3-3, coming down from 3-1 - though it helps when your opposition go a man down, as well as lose their only keeper to injury, requiring an outfield player to take up the gloves.

A lot of people are probably going to look like clowns on the footage. When you win, it doesn't matter so much. Maybe some people will realise what this club means to us.

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