Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Peter Skapetis talks to OS Aussie

Former South junior and now member of QPR's Centre of Excellence Peter Skapetis has a brief interview with OS Aussie.


Peter Skapetis is a driven young man brought up at the famous South Melbourne football club who now finds himself at Premier League club, Queens Park Rangers. A goalscorer with a lot of energy, he is definitely one for the future. Let’s just hope that that future is with Australia.

You went through most of your junior development at South Melbourne FC. Can you tell us about your time there?

I played my whole junior career with South Melbourne and I owe a lot to the club, I loved my time there and developed life long friendships with all my team mates and my coaches. I was captain all the way through and over the years we acquired the best team having something like 8 of the starting 11 all in the Victorian state system, it was a great squad to be a part of and a great club to play for.

You’ve signed an 18 month contract at the QPR Centre of Excellence as a First Year Scholar. What is the set-up like at QPR?

The facilities at QPR are fantastic. It’s always great to be part of that professional environment and being in and around the first team every day really inspires you and gives you something to work towards. Everyday is structured really well combining football, gym and schooling.

Head of Youth Development at the club, Steve Gallen, described you as “quick, bright, and lively and he likes to score goals” How do you see yourself as a player? How much have you developed there?

Yeah I think I’m strong, quick and skilful and already even though I’ve only spent a short time at QPR I’ve seen a huge improvement in my game and that’s purely because of the constant exposure to Steve and his other coaches. They have definitely increased my knowledge and skill in the game and I know over my time at the club I will only get better.

Since moving to QPR have you had any contact from the National setup? Is being a part of the national teams a goal for you at this stage of your career?

I haven’t been approached by the national system yet but It’s always been a dream of mine to play for the national team and I would love a call up whether its for Greece or Australia. Its definitely a great honour and in my opinion it’s a fantastic achievement to wear your national colours.

Were you ever offered a chance to play for the Heart or Victory before the move abroad? If so, what made you decide not to join an A-league club?

I had trials at Melbourne Heart before I left but as soon as I heard I was coming to the UK that’s what I put all my focus towards so not really. Who knows what my happen in the future I might come back and play in the A-league later on in my career.

What has it been like living in London? Has there been much of an adjustment needed from living in Melbourne?

It’s a big change living in another city especially away from your family but I guess it’s what I’ve got to do to succeed and it’s for the better. The lifestyle is the same it’s just a busier version of Melbourne. Also catching public transport for me was a new thing and of course homesickness is probably the hardest part of being away.

At the end of the 18 months contract, what will you consider to be a success?

Success for me would only be a pro contract and nothing less. It’s what I work for everyday and I’ve never lost sight of it.

Which player do you look up to? And why?

My favourite player used to be Cristiano Ronaldo but as soon as I made the move to England it’s been Sergio Aguero. I play very similar to him and he’s a goal scorer who is in great form.

Which player at QPR has impressed you most?

From what I’ve seen in training and matches this year it has to be Adel Taarabt, he’s got great skill on the ball and is a real marquee player for the club.


  1. Well done Peter. Good to see a young player make it overseas. Keep working hard and we hope to see you in Australian colours one day.

  2. Good on ya mate, pleasseee choose Australiaa, we need your talent in the Aussiee teamm! Good luck with QPR mate.


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