Friday, 18 May 2012

Dose of Angry Pills - Kiss of Death, Round 7, 2012

Bentleigh Greens v Northcote City
Friday 8:15pm, 4th v 8th

Tough one to pick. Really it shouldn’t be. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. Oh, I dunno.
Northcote’s coming off two losses in a row, and Bentleigh one loss at high flying Dandy. Bentleigh should be capable. This should be bread and butter for them. Northcote has been poor. Against my better judgement, I’m tipping Bentleigh. Bentleigh Greens 2 – Northcote City 1.

Richmond v Moreland Zebras
Friday 8:30pm, 6th v 12th

Well ain’t this going to be a bumper crowd. Two teams with no fans. Fucken lucky if they get ten people on a cold Friday night by the tollway. Neither of these teams have impressed me, but I’m not the most impressionable type to be honest. Moreland got their first win last week against Northcote, but I wouldn’t say they are on their way to glory. Richmond will be a tougher task for them. A traditional panel beating mentality. This game has “Welcome to the VPL” written all over it. Plenty of cards, plenty of action, fuck all crowd. Richmond 3 – Moreland Zebras 1.

Southern Stars v Green Gully Cavaliers
Saturday 7pm, 9th v 3rd

Green Gully is the favourite big time according to the bookies. I can’t argue with that. The backpackers have done well, but Dobson will be too good for them. Another huge game for the Stars.
Southern Stars 1 – Green Gully 2.

South Melbourne v Melbourne Knights
Sunday 5pm, 5th v 11th

Photo: Paul Mavroudis.
Clash of the titans. The NSL derby. The only two teams that have been holding this league on their own backs for the last six years. FFV take note. Knights are in poor form, South is topsy-turvy. South played well last week against Hume, and won. Why? Because we played a direct style of football while cutting out those extra two or three passes in the area. There have been rumours circling that certain players feel ‘uncomfortable’ with the abuse they have been copping from South fans after some recent poor results. Well for those players who read this blog, take note. South Melbourne is a team that has fans, ones who care, a high percentage of who are fickle, a percentage who have never played the game, a percentage who are recognised coaches, and some who are just outright morons. Unlike the clubs you guys were previously at, the pressure at South Melbourne will always be there. So I suggest, you either embrace it, or pack your shit and fuck off. We are not your suburban club with no expectations. We are a powerhouse club whose fans want a win every fucken week, just like you guys should. Now, if you guys don’t hammer the Knights, you’re all for the tip and even I can’t defend a loss or draw. This will be a test for all of you. Yes, if you lose, expect to cop hell. South Melbourne 5 – Melbourne Knights 0.

Heidelberg United v Dandenong Thunder
Sunday 6pm, 10th v 1st

Another easy game to pick. Dandy is the favourite by a mile. The Bergers will not win this one, or draw. They are in a mess both on and off the park. Olympic Village was vandalised midweek according to with all the sponsor boards stolen. Who the fuck would steal the sponsor boards? That’s just crazy. Dandy is six from six. The form team of the VPL, the only team who is injury and card free, and disposing of all challengers with ease. The Bergers have no chance.
Heidelberg United 0 – Dandenong Thunder 6.

Oakleigh Cannons v Hume City
Monday 8:30pm, 2nd v 7th

Monday night? Let me guess. The ‘other’ game is on Saturday night and you think you’re going to lose people to that. Who are you fucken kidding? Fucken ass clowns. Then again, you don’t want to play on the same night as Bentleigh vs Northcote, because all the Hellas fans will go there instead of coming to your game. How about for once, you align a kick off to what ‘your’ fans want. Here’s something to think of. Pension day is on Thursdays, your fans are pensioners. If you play on Thursday nights, then they are flush with money and will blow it at the bar. Oakleigh is in better form than Hume and will beat them quite comfortably. Hume showed me nothing of note last week, and I don’t expect them to improve any time soon. Oakleigh Cannons 2 – Hume City 1

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