Monday, 14 May 2012

Fernando De Moraes in Futsalroos squad

Fernando De Moraes has been selected to play for the Futsalroos in the the 2012 Asian Fustal Championships, to be held in the United Arab Emirates. The tournament takes place from 25th May - 1st June.

Fernando has been a regular Futsalroo for a few years now, and usually one of the few Victorians to make the cut. I'm not sure whether this is because of NSW bias or because the futsal scene in Victoria is a mess.

With two warm up matches against Thailand in the lead up to the tournament, it's likely that Fernando will miss two league matches - the first, this week's home match against Melbourne Knights, the second, next week's game away to Dandenong Thunder.

Should the Fustalroos somehow have a breakout tournament, he may also miss the match against Northcote. But while making it past the group stage is the minimum goal,  the Futsalroos tend to falter once the group stage is over. Iran is the dominant force in Asian futsal, having won ten of eleven tournaments, with Japan the only other winner.

If they can make the last four, that'd be some effort, and we wish Fernando and the squad all the best.

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