Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kiss of Death, Round 4, 2011

Scotch Watch
After last week's gutsy 2-1 win by South over Bentleigh, the Scotch Watch wager is now carefully balanced.
  • Bentleigh Greens - 3rd place, 7 points, goal difference +3 
  • South Melbourne - 4th place, 7 points, goal difference +2
Bentleigh Greens vs Oakleigh Cannons
I’ve got a side bet involving Bentleigh Greens’ progress this year, but I can’t separate these two teams. Both have been what I believe ordinary. A 2-2 draw here.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs St Albans Saints
Picked Gully to lose last week, and I was spot on. St. Albans were a tad unlucky against Northcote. I expect Gully to win this one. A hard fought game with plenty of action. Green Gully 2 – St.Albans 1.

Northcote City vs Richmond
Northcote had a surprising win away at St. Albans last week. Richmond flopped. I don’t know what’s wrong with Richmond. Has the money dried up? Has Chatz lost his touch? Have the off field changes finally caught up with them? Northcote City 3 – Richmond 1.

Dandenong Thunder vs Hume City
Dandy had a great win away from home last week, while Hume beat the Bergers.
Another tight one, but Dandy will be a tad better beating Hume 3-2.

Springvale White Eagles vs Melbourne Knights
Springvale impressed me at Oakleigh last week, and the Knights always seem to impress me. Will be a tight one for sure. Springvale 1 – Melbourne Knights 2.

Heidelberg United vs South Melbourne
Bergers struggled at Hume last week. South had a big, 10 man win vs Bentleigh.
Kliment Taseski has received an Auto + 2 week suspension over the phantom tackle last week against Bentleigh. Only the ref saw something nasty in it. Will definitely be a tough game for both teams. South’s on a high at the moment. But can they take that to the Village? Traditionally a tough trip for South. Heidelberg 0 – South Melbourne 3.

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