Wednesday, 30 March 2011

If midfielders were made of sugar, we'd be diabetic

A Fawkner supporting poster named 'benzema' posted this on soccer-forum.

But the 2 biggest signings are the two new midfielders from Belgium and Argentina. They won't be cleared for a couple weeks but South Melbourne will be signing them in the next window and will be with the club for half a season with an agreement between South Melbourne and Fawkner as they were training at South Melbourne for a couple weeks. The boy from Belgium captained his national team in the Under 20's and has played for Genk easily A League material from all reports.

Have no idea about the validity of these claims, but one must add that it's a good thing these boys are midfielders, because we need coverage in case something happens to the 20 other midfielders we have on books.

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