Monday, 14 March 2011

Now that's what a derby is all about - Bergers 2 South 2

Still five years and counting. We got there early as per usual, but the reserves were called off due to the rain. I had nothing to do for an hour and a half except the usual chit chat and marveling at how Steve from Broady managed to just walk through the gates without paying - his argument about Maccas overs souvlakia with one of the gate attendants seemed to mesmerise everyone and no one realised he'd managed to walk through even going up to the ticket booth.

The match went on its predictable path of us spurning chances and having the misfortune of every save off McMaster landing in exactly the wrong spot - except for Topalovic's shot which was goal bound but headed off the line. Having said that, once again we gifted the opposition some goals with comical defending - the second goal will go down in history as one of the worst goals South Melbourne has ever conceded.

After letting Osagie walk through the defence and letting him have a shot, Sardelic at least managed to save it, only for the entire defence to then just ball watch for an eternity and let him follow up with another shot to put them 2-1 up. Still, we managed to fight out the game and earned a well deserved point after Fernando's pinpoint cross met either the head of Gasparis or Krncevic - I'm not sure if it's been decided who got the final touch on it - and Heidelberg Harismidis who was doing his usual thing of running up and down the line in his guise as a field marshal.

Stefaan Sardelic, who apart from getting in the way of shots had a poor game - his kicking proficiency at an all time low, so much so that goalkicks eventually started being taken by one of the defenders. That didn't last long because Sardelic soon got injured in a nasty clash in the six yard box and had to make way for Zaim Zeneli to make his South Melbourne debut. Didn't have much to do, as by that stage the home side had started parking the bus, but everything he did oozed confidence. Or perhaps we were unaccustomed as to what an adequate keeping performance was supposed to look like.

Afterwards, in an attempt to get to the bus stop in Northlands without going around the long way, we took a hitherto uncharted route through shops, down a ramp, through the underground car park and back up again only to find out that we still had to wait like ten minutes. Then back in the city I had the worst Chinese food ever, and corrected some group coming home on the train from FutureSounds music festival about the title and artist of Father and Son - oh yeah, and one of them was wearing a penguin suit for some reason.

All in all, it could have been worse. At least we managed to score again. Maybe one day we'll even get a clean sheet.


  1. Has there been any news on Ljubo Milicevic signing? Next week v Oakleigh would be the perfect time for him to debut.

  2. Currently being blocked by the governing bodies as it's falling outside the transfer period for the league - but apparently the club are working on it, and have the PFA on side on the matter. Not holding my breath though.


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